Reloaded Coaching Competency Workshop: Glasgow, UK 2023

I’m coming to Scotland!


The (Reloaded) Coaching Competency Workshop – highlighting updated views and approaches – is targeted toward personal trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists, and anyone who’s nerdy enough to have read Mel Siff’s Supertraining for fun (you psychopath). Being successful in this industry is about building the necessary skills to be a good coach/trainer

…not learning the latest hacks to edit the perfect Reel on Instagram.

Moreover, being a good coach is much more than the x’s and o’s of program design, breaking down deadlift technique, and knowing how to improve scapular upward rotation.

It’s also about the “soft” skills.

I.e., building better relationships, improving motivation, and understanding how to set boundaries and expectations with your clients.

This 1-day workshop will provide insights on how to enhance your clients’ experience starting with the assessment all the way to the part where you have them begin to lift heavy things.

Specific Topics Include

  • Discussing Self-Determination Theory and how Autonomy, Competency, & Relatedness are the keys to increasing motivation.
  • Upper/Lower Extremity Assessment – (I.e., STOP seeking out dysfunction).
  • How to make your clients strength Terminators using auto-regulation (How I integrate the RPE and Reps in Reserve system with my general population clients, in addition to general guidelines for building optimal strength-based training programs).
  • Learning to highlight the Trainable Menu (focusing on what clients CAN do rather than what they can’t and how to train around common injuries. “Just rest” is not an option).

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2023.

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Location: FITT Principle, 54 Washington St, Glasgow G3 8AZ, United Kingdom



(Price will increase to $299 two weeks prior to the event).

* Continuing Education Credits (0.7 CEUs) will be available via the NSCA for this event.

** Participants subject to intermittent Jason Bourne fight scene reenactments throughout the day.