The seminal book on writing. Don’t when’s the appropriate time to use a semi-colon?  This book will help.

you don’t have to be Hemingway or King to consider yourself a writer. This book teaches you what it takes to write stellar content that will get noticed.

One of my favorite books on writing written by Dani Shapiro.  LOVE this book.

A writer’s guide to crafting killer sentences.

Who cares what everyone says you have to do!  Set your own rules to live the life you want.

Why do we continue doing the things we do despite knowing better? Want to make better decisions?  Want to help your clients make better decisions?  Read this book.

We all think we’re above average in everything.  Why do we make mistakes? This book answers that question.

It’s human nature to lie, just as it’s human nature to cheat and to seek the easy route.  We’re programmed to think this is bad…..but is it, really?