Strategic Strength Workshop: Detroit

What will separate you as a fitness professional from the masses is to not be like the masses.

The Strategic Strength Workshop is designed to help you raise your “A” game as a coach, personal trainer, or as someone who just likes to lift heavy things.


I’m a “strength” guy and love helping people get stronger in the gym. But I also recognize strength is subjective and it’s crucial that we better match our programming and exercise prescription to the needs, health history, ability level, and anatomy of every athlete and client we work with.

What’s more, the idea of finding everyone’s TRAINABLE MENU has been a real paradigm shift in my own coaching in recent years. Instead of focusing on what a client/athlete can’t do, the trainable menu serves as a splendid reframe for  to focus solely on what he or she CAN do.

Topics Covered Include

1) Understanding that anatomical variances exists between one person and the next and that those will play a role in how they execute certain lifts.

2) How to use your assessment to ascertain these variances – sans X-ray vision – and to learn how to best set up your clients for as much success as possible; including breathing mechanics, passive vs. active range of motion, and why most people need stop thrashing and smashing their muscles with spikes, pipes, and god knows what else.

3) Programming considerations for special populations like postpartum training, shoulder impingement, low back pain, in addition to programming considerations centered around how to get someone strong(er) as a general concept.

4) Also, lets be honest: It’s not a Tony Gentilcore workshop if I don’t talk about deadlifts…;o)

The Deets

Date: Sunday, April 5, 2020

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Location: OmniKinetics: 1025 Webster St, Birmingham, Michigan 48009

Register: You can go HERE to sign-up.

  • Early Bird (until 3/15/20) = $199.00
  • After that = $249.00

* Continuing Education credits will be available for this workshop.

** Anyone who’s ever won Kumite can attend for free.