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Walking Advertisements?

NOTE:  I have to keep this one brief today because I’m about 20 minutes away from heading into a CPR/AED course that I’m as excited about as passing a kidney stone. Today’s more of an “opinion” piece, but something I feel is relavent to many who read this site on a daily basis. Many of… Read more

The Power of Touch: Where Some Trainers Miss the Boat

When we were down in Florida a few weeks ago on vacation, even though a bulk of our time was spent vegging by the pool eating honey wheat pretzels (me) and drinking martinis (Lisa), we still made it a priority to find a gym to train at so that we could 1) burn off said… Read more

Coaching Etiquette: The Grey Area of the Commercial Gym Setting

I’m lucky that I live in a strength and conditioning bubble that allows me the ability (and luxury) to control pretty much everything around me.  With the exception of the music – which is a never ending battle of techno vs. rap vs. country vs. metal vs. Katy Perry my ears are bleeding – as… Read more

Shatterproof Your Spine

In an industry that’s inundated with movers and shakers promoting their watered down products, it’s always refreshing to have the opportunity to promote something I feel will help a lot of people. Back in 2009 (maybe it was 2010), fellow colleague John Izzo asked if I’d be willing to watch his DVD, Shatterproof Spine. As… Read more

2011 Bits of Awesomeness: Part II

In keeping with the same theme as yesterday, today I’m going to share the remaining top posts/articles from 2011 on that, for one reason or another, were the most popular. For those who missed the first part, click HERE. Guess What:  You’re Not an Elite Athlete This was a post that struck a chord… Read more

How to Get Better at Writing Programs

Q:  What are the best resources for getting awesome at writing programs? Besides CPT textbooks? I remember watching a movie a few years ago (okay, a lot of years ago) – I think it was either Finding Forrester or Dead Poets Society (or something… Read more

You Can Always Train Around an Injury

Last week, during our staff in-service training, I took it upon myself to discuss programming with our batch of new interns.  Specifically, my goal was to give them a hypothetical situation and see whether or not they could come up with an effective training strategy Read more

How to Get Better

Q: Tony, love the blog and all that jazz, so on and so forth. Long story short, I recently was hired as a Master Trainer at a pretty successful gym after I graduated with my masters degree in Exercise Physiology. Although I believe I make sound programs and am knowledgeable about the body, I still… Read more