Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 10/28/16

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Forgive the visual, but I’m doing everything I can not to destroy the back of my pants right now. T-Minus 3 days until the launch of the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint. (<- that’s the actual site).

Check it out. DO IT.


I’m excited, of course. I mean, hello: First fitness product.1

This is a resource I feel is going to help any fitness pro who works with anyone with shoulders and hips (Read: everyone) better hone their skills with assessment and program design. Having the opportunity to help others on a more of a mass scale is pretty cool. I’m also excited because I’m expecting to win an Academy Award.

If not for Best Presentation on Scapular Upward Rotation definitely for Best Biceps in a Smedium T-Shirt.

I’m nervous, too.

I think anytime you put yourself out there, whether it’s writing your first blog or producing your first fitness resource, there’s an inherent feeling of “WTF did I just do?” that washes over you and you want nothing more than to curl up in the corner of a room in the fetal position.

I mean, what if no one likes it? What happens if the site crashes? Or, what if, oh shit, what if there’s some sort of glitch in the videos where we have some sort of situation like what happens in The Ring?



Needless to say, next week is going to be huge. I can’t wait.

Some Stuff to Check Out Before You Read Stuff

1) I’m heading into Week #4 of John Rusin’s Functional Hypertrophy Training program. Faaaaaaaaaaaack that guy.

It’s definitely been a change of pace for me with the high(er) rep approach, but that’s a good thing. It’s been years since I’ve performed a high-volume based program, and what’s more John designed it to be joint friendly, and it’s been exactly that.

I hate him, but I love him.

If you’d like to jump in on the action go HERE and then use the code TG10 to save a little money off your purchase. Lets get jacked (and commiserate) together…;o)

2) The Strong Women Lift Each Other Up video series by Girls Gone Strong will disappear after this Sunday, October 30th.

20+ hours of presentations and hands-on demonstrations from the entire GGS Advisory Board, along with Dr. Susan Kleiner, Dr. Krista-Scott Dixon, Ingrid Marcum, Elsbeth Vaino, Marni Sumbal, and Jennifer Vogelgesang-Blake.

It’s made by women, for women.

The information is all female-specific and covers everything from carbohydrate intake to menopause to pelvic floor dysfunction to body embracement and personal power. And there’s a fair bit of discussion on lifting heavy things too…;o)

You can go HERE for more details.

Like I said, it won’t be available after this weekend…..sooooooo……..

3) My wife and I bought a crib last weekend. Shit’s getting real.

Fitness Professional vs. Fitness Celebrity: Who to Follow – Erica Sutter

I’ll give you hint: it’s not the celebrities…..;O)

Awesome rant from Erica.

Also, side note: I should totally write an ebook about how to deadlift cats. (<– click the link and read the article and this will make sense).

Mobility Myths: Scapular Winging – Dr. Quinn Henoch

I know I swear a lot on this site, and I apologize. But when I say an article/video is fucking good, it’s fucking good.


Simple Analogies to Use When Coaching the Deadlift to Beginners – Nancy Newell

Analogies are a coach’s best friend. Cressey Sports Performance coach, Nancy Newell, shares some of her favorites when working with beginners on the deadlift.


I see many of my colleagues doing this and figured I’d jump in on the action. You know, cause I’m important.



Sweet. My simple marketing ploy to take advantage of people who walk by CORE has worked. Had a guy walk in when he recognized the @testosteronenation logo on my windows. He said it was the reason he stopped in. Fitness “street cred” for the win…..?

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  1. I’m totally taking my wife out for a steak dinner.