Products & Services

Live in the Boston area, or visiting? Want to train or work with me in person? I don’t blame you, I’m pretty cool person to hang out with.

Whether you’re looking for an assessment, some quality coaching, both, or you just want to listen to some sick techno beats I’d be more than happy to help.

Live in Nebraska, Australia, or maybe even Hoth? Still want to train with me? CORE Online is as close as you’re gonna get to training with me without stepping foot in CORE.

Whether it’s discussing deadlift technique, assessment, program design, or just showing off my shadow puppet skills, I’m always available to talk some shop.

The hardest person to train is yourself. Well, training a blind, one-legged pirate is pretty hard too. But after that, writing a program for yourself is hard…like trying to perform long division. Why not let me do the thinking for you?

You can now proudly wear TG apparel around the house, at the gym, on first dates, or wherever.

Choose between various t-shirts, as well as long-sleeved shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. You can also choose different colors and fabric.

It’s basically like ordering a mail-order bride, except, you know, it’s not.

I heart deadlifts. And so does David Dellanave (who has pulled 3x bodyweight in three different variations). You should listen to him.

Dean Somerset takes you step by step – from assessment to badass – through SIX months or programming that will get you stronger, moving better, and feeling like a million bucks.

Boring doesn’t sell, but boring works. Always. If your goal is to get strong, then I can’t recommend this program enough by Bret Contreras