An excellent resource by Kourtney Thomas and Jen Sinkler geared toward women who want to add muscle (and aren’t afraid to show it off).

Yoga for people who lift. Designed by someone who lifts, Neghar Fonooni.

It’s Mike Boyle. I shouldn’t have to say anything else. Take a peek into the concepts and strategies one of the legends in the industry uses to make elite level athletes.

Presented by the smart, strong, and beefy guys over at, this is a monthly research review that covers topics in strength and getting jacked. If you’re like me and hate reading research, this saves you a ton of time.

Want to make your athletes freaky fast (and strong)? You won’t find any agility ladder drills in this resource. One of my favorites courtesy of Travis Hansen.

Procrastination is a writer’s worst enemy.  Here’s how to drop kick it in the face.

Kind of hard to include a list on writing without this classic by Stephen King.

An editor’s advice to writers.