The Perfect Snack

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Two words: Beef Jerky

I can’t think of many things more perfect than beef jerky. Scratch that. Kate Beckinsale in a bikini feeding me grapes while I’m watching Star Wars in my private jet on the way to Hawaii would constitute as perfect. What can I say? I’m a man of simple pleasures. But after that, not many things top beef jerky.

As an added bonus; eating beef jerky will automatically make you more manly (my apologies to any women reading this blog today). What’s more manly than eating a bag of beef jerky? Matter of fact, if I had to list the top five manly things in the world they would be:

1. Eating beef jerky.

2. Leaving the toilet seat up and not giving a damn.

3. Getting teary eyed during the movie “Rudy.” What guy didn’t get emotional when they carried Rudy off the football field?

4. Fighting forest fires with your shirt off.

5. Calling your mom every weekend.

I work with many clients who sit in an office all day and have little to no time to eat often enough, let alone bring prepared meals with them to work. One simple solution is to put a bag of beef jerky in their desk drawer. For those busy-body types it’s a perfect snack. It’s easy to store, it’s a high protein/low-fat snack, and depending on what brand you get, it’s low carbohydrate as well.

Be leery of those brands that have more than five grams of carbohydrates per serving. It’s a safe bet that those brands with more than five grams per serving are loaded with additional sugar and preservatives that will do more harm than good. Read those labels!

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