There aren’t many coaches out there who write more effective training programs than Robert dos Remedios.

Learn his entire system here.

Joe Dowdell curates presentations/webinars from some of the best coaches/trainers in the industry to help make you better.

Excellent continuing education resource for fitness professionals

Mike Robertson covers all the bases with regards to single leg training.

Yes, you need to do more of it.

You had me at bench.

Tony Bonvechio of The Strength House writes one of the best bench press programs I’ve ever come across.

It works.

Dan Pope and Dave Tilley of Champion Performance & Performance cover all the bases with regards to shoulder health and performance.

Megan Callaway is my “go to” coach when it comes to helping people increase their pull-up badassery.

This program will get the job done.

Dean Somerset takes you step by step – from assessment to badass – through SIX months or programming that will get you stronger, moving better, and feeling like a million bucks.

If you’re a fitness professional it behooves you to know how to properly assess and train women who are postpartum (<– you still need to lift things).

Once postpartum ALWAYS postpartum