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So my trip to Vegas was spectacular. Obviously I can’t tell you everything that happened in Vegas (***note the synopsis below), but suffice it to say a great time was had. Today is going to be completely random, so forgive the sporadic nature of this blog post.

1. In case no one caught it last week, I made my long awaited debut in the paper version of the Boston Herald. I was asked to review the “reality” show Workout on the Bravo network. About the only thing that’s “real” about this show is the fact that I am now dumber for having watched it.

2. Anyone who says you can’t eat healthy while traveling is kidding themselves. The people who say this are just too lazy to plan ahead and pack food ahead of time. The plane ride to Vegas was roughly five hours, so I knew that we had to pack food for the trip. Here’s the list of things that I brought with me on the plane: bag of beef jerky, one serving (1 oz) of mixed nuts, shaker bottle with 2 scoops of protein powder, and the pumpkin/protein pancakes my girlfriend made the night beforehand (which were delicious by the way). Despite what many think, you CAN eat healthy while traveling – You just need to put forth some effort.

3. How is it that a multi-BILLION dollar resort doesn’t have one barbell? We walked to several resorts in Vegas to check out the gyms and not one had a barbell. I remember listening to Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio go on a rant about how hotels and resorts need to start putting more emphasis on updating their gyms. They have gold plated railings and toilets, but no barbells? What tha!

On an aside, thanks to Frank Butterfield of Las Vegas Athletic Club. I ended up going there instead, and he saw that I was training barefoot and told me that if someone from management approached me to put my shoes back on, to tell them that I was training with him. Frank has been in the industry for quite some time and knows a thing or two. He was also gracious enough to let me borrow his wrist straps. Thanks Frank!

4. I totally PWNED Nicholas Cage with my bicep.

Okay, I’m not fooling anyone. We visited Madame Tussaud’s world famous wax museum and I couldn’t resist posing for the camera. I also saw Paris Hilton and blurted “that’s hot” in my best Paris Hilton voice. And I have to say, that’s the hardest I have ever been punched in the face in my life by my girlfriend. Love you sugarbottoms!

5. Oh, I also had a new article published on t-nation last week titled, “Creating a Training Effect When You’re Injured.” Check it out.

***OMG!1!11! Boobies. Boobies everywhere.

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