Random Thoughts (Dehydration, Body Temp and Metabolism, and Training with Jen Heath)

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1. I was catching up on some reading last week and came across an article written by Alwyn Cosgrove where he discussed some of his bullet point thoughts on fat loss. One “tip” that really stuck out for me was water intake and how most people fall woefully short in this category. While he can’t prove it with definitive research, Alwyn is convinced that lack of water intake effects fat loss. I have to agree. I mean think about it. Dehydration= can lead to death. There won’t be a lot of fat loss going on when your body is struggling to meet all other metabolic and life sustaining demands. Six pack abs will be last on the “to do” list. With that being said, Alwyn mentioned that at his facility, all clients are given a half-gallon jug to be filled with water every day. They have till the end of the day to finish it, and this is in addition to any other water they may drink throughout the day; Minka Kelly’s bathwater included.

Minka Kelly

2. Just wanted to say congratulations to my good friend Cassandra Forsythe who got hitched over the weekend in Vermont. The fact that the reception included a pig roast pretty much made it the coolest wedding ever.

3. In addition to the wedding, I had the opportunity to meet Jen Heath and we were able to train together over the weekend. Check out pictures from the training session here. Fellas, I totally hooked you up, you can thank me later. Also, check out Jen’s new and improved website here. Jen is really good at what she does and her passion for her clients is infectious. She’s a great coach and her knowledge concerning contest prep and body recomposition is quite impressive. Matter of fact, don’t forget to check out her Fat Loss Pros audio set. Being the nerd that I am, I listened to some of the interviews on our way to Vermont (there are 18 total) and was shocked to realize how stupid I am. Go figure!

Fat Loss Pros

4. Last week, I included a video of the Jedi Gym and claimed that it was the best video ever. Well, my friend Jonathan Fass sent me this video a few days ago and I think the Jedi Gym just got pwned. Video is slightly NSFW (no nudity or anything explicit), provided your boss is down with booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere.*

5. Ever wake up in the morning and wonder if your metabolism is suppressed? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But if that thought ever did cross your mind, one cool tip from Kelly Baggett is to take your temperature using an oral thermometer first thing in the morning. Normal body temperature will be around 97-98 degrees. A one degree drop will indicate a 15% drop in resting metabolic rate. Thus, if you start off on a diet and your body temp is 97.5, and six weeks later it’s down to 96.5, your metabolism will probably have dropped about 15%. A good way to increase the temp is to take some time off the diet.

* No worries dude. I just sent him a text, and he says it’s cool. He’s totally down with booty rockin everywhere. Beep beep beep. Oh, hold on, I just got another text from him: U down with OPP?

Damn, you have like the coolest boss ever. Clickity click click. Pushes send button. Yeah, you know me!

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