Two Words: Bench Off

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At CP, we’re always game for a little healthy competition. Whether it’s seeing who can perform the most push-ups within a minute, who can come up with the most bad-ass medley and make someone else puke, or who can come up with the most things for Kevin, our intern, to clean (Hint: the entire facility floor, with a toothbrush), there’s never a dull moment.

Last Friday was Dan T’s last day training at CP for the summer. For his final farewell, he decided to challenge Eric to a bench off. So cliche. If they had any balls they would have had a Michael Jackson dance off. Real men don’t bench, they get Thriller! JAZZ HANDS!

Anyways, it was an epic battle. Here’s Eric at 335


Dan T at 335

No need to comment on this one, Dan’s commentary said it all.

Eric at 345

Unfortunately, the video was cut-off a tad early and you miss Dan yelling, DAMMIT after Eric hit it.

And alas, Dan at 345. Kids, don’t try this at home


EDIT: for some odd reason, I inadvertently didn’t get Eric’s 355 bench. Maybe it was because my camera and I aren’t on speaking terms lately, or maybe it was because Dan was off crying in the corner somewhere. Either way, there’s a lesson to be learned here people. Boobies are awesome!

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