Academic Quarantine

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It’s 6:35 in the morning as I type this, and I’m just finishing up the omelet I made for breakfast. In about 25 minutes, I’ll be wondering what in the the hell am I doing up this early heading out the door to Agganis Arena at Boston University to spend the day with 20+ other fitness professionals as we listen to Mike Boyle speak during his Functional Strength Coach Vol 3 lecture. Essentially I’ll be spending the next eight hours of my life soaking up every word that Mike has to say- academic quarantine if you will.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mike, he’s kind of a big deal. From a personal perspective, he’s been a great mentor to me, and has undoubtedly had a significant influence on how I train athletes. Similarly, he also trained Jennifer Garner back in the day, which essentially makes him my hero.

In all seriousness, I honestly can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to him speak and/or lecture. All I know is that I never get sick of it, and I always come away a better coach/person. That said, you can definitely look forward to watching the lecture soon on dvd. In the meantime, you can check out Vol 1 and Vol 2 .

Also, Eric and myself will be taking part in the Jimmy Fund Fantasy Day at Fenway Park all day tomorrow (Saturday the 18th). It’s a great cause and there’s going to be a ton of great activities going on. We’ll have a table set up assessing shoulders and talking shop with whoever wants to stop by, and if you’re bored and want to bring me a bag of beef jerky, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Jusy sayin……

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