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1. After posting a video of my PR deadlift on Friday, I got a lot of emails and messages on Facebook congratulating me. Thanks to all you wrote me! What’s interesting is that while I’m pretty happy with the lift, I know I left some in the tank. Mike Robertson actually e-mailed me later that day, and confirmed my thoughts:

How long did you guys taper from your last heavy training session to your testing session? Did I read that it was only one week? If so, I bet you haven’t recovered yet…there may still be more PR’s in the tank!

After telling him that 1) I’m an asshat for only taking three complete days off, and 2) it was less than a week between my last heavy session and test day- Mike went on to say that a longer taper would have been ideal, and that if I re-tested in 7-10 days, I’d probably do better. Hmmmmmmmmmm…….should I or shouldn’t I?

Either way, I think I’d like to make a run at 600 lbs next year. Granted, I’m woefully slow off the floor, and I’ll need to incorporate a healthy dose of speed work, as well as pulling from a deficit (or even against chains for that matter) to have any shot. Likewise, just bringing up my leg strength in general will pay huge dividends. Now that I’ve been squatting with some regularity again, I can only imagine that’s going to help.

Additionally (and Eric brought this up to me the other day), cutting back on my training volume certainly can’t hurt. As I’ve said in the past- fatigue will always mask one’s true fitness level. Maybe I should practice what I preach.

Nevertheless, shit just got real. 600 here I come…..

2. One of my readers, Jennifer, sent me this video earlier last week thinking that I’d enjoy it. Granted my spine cried a little bit watching the video, but lets just say that I haven’t slept all weekend. Furthermore, when it comes to camera angles, guys like Martin Scorcese and the Coen Brothers are playing checkers while whoever made this video is playing chess.

0:31 second mark= oh no you didn’t!!!!!!!

3. Congratulations to CP client Nancy LeBlanc for recently winning a recipe contest for her Autumn Pumpkin Bars. Nancy often brings in a batch for us when she comes to train, and I can attest that these bars are the shiznit. CLICK HERE to get the recipe.

4. A picture says a thousand words. Sigh……..

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