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1. According to THIS story, a New Jersey resident is close to getting a reality show and book deal while attempting to become the world’s heaviest woman. Donna Simpson, 42, laid out a plan to follow a 12,000 calorie-per-day diet in an effort to get her from her current weight of 604 lbs, to beached whale 1,000+ lbs within two years. And here I thought reality tv couldn’t get any lower than Jersey Shore.

Amazingly, within two days of telling the local media her “plan,” the likes of Oprah, Dr. Phil and Entertainment Tonight were knocking on her door to give her offers.

So, the question then becomes – what’s a strength coach gotta do to get his own show around here? I mean, I can make outrageous claims, too! See, watch. I, Tony Gentilcore, will train Kate Beckinsale and/or Eva Mendes within two years.

Make it happen NBC!!

2. FINALLY, the Army get’s it. Or, at least they’re moving in the right direction.

3. With the NFL Draft right around the corner, someone sent me this video of Rich Eisen’s 40 yd dash at this year’s NFL Combine……….

I have to say, his technique wasn’t too shabby! Oh, and speaking of the the 40 yd dash, and just how ridiculous some of the claims are coming out high school and college programs, HERE is a great post by Nick Tumminello on the matter. Pretty eye opening stuff to say the least. Which is to say, you’re not as fast as you think you are, Matt Blake (inside joke).

4. Last but certainly not least – as may recall, a few weeks ago, I linked to a speech given by chef Jamie Oliver as he went into detail on how we’re essentially killing our children with the food we’re feeding them. This morning, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch his new show – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. As someone who doesn’t watch a lot of television as it is (other than Lost), I can say that this is a show worth watching.

Listen, I know it may not be quite as entertaining as doctors hooking up with one another, or I don’t know, watching some B-list actress perform the tango on national television. Actually, that brings up a good question: How is it that someone who’s only claim to fame is having a playground for a uterus, on a show called Dancing with the STARS????

Anyways, I really feel that this is the type of show that needs to be watched; if for anything else than to open up people’s eyes and realize that pizza is NOT something that our schools should be serving our kids for breakfast. Do yourself a favor and watch THIS. Thank me later.

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