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The Planet vs. Monsanto– some guy’s random blog

A reader sent me the article above, linking to some guy’s blog (John) who happens to be an organic farmer he buys raw milk from. For those unaware, Monsanto was featured in the documentary Food, Inc, and was also named Forbes Magazine 2009 Company of the Year.

They’re basically the Goliath to the corn/soy farmer’s David; only with a little more touch of Hitler. It’s a pretty scathing post, but in my opinion, definitely warranted.

Sorry, You Don’t Have a Choice– John Brooks

I know many of you won’t know who John is. He doesn’t have 17 different “squeeze pages” directing you to some e-book that sucks. He doesn’t tweet his Twitter every five minutes letting you know what he’s eating for breakfast. And, unlike some people in the industry, he actually you know, trains people- weird, I know.

John wrote a guest blog for me not too long ago, that I thought was fantastic. More importantly, though, he’s just a guy that has a lot of common sense and isn’t afraid to call bullshit when he sees it. In this post, he discusses our obsession with Hollywood. Namely how we often compare ourselves with the likes of Brad Pitt or Jessica Biel; but in the end, you’re always going to look like, well, you.

Summer Training for Nine Year Olds?– Mike Boyle

Another brilliant post by Mike. We see this phenomenon quite often at CP to be honest. It’s not uncommon to have a parent come in with their twelve year old asking why their son’s elbow hurts. They’ll have all these theories and speculations as to what the problem may be; he’s not fast enough, he needs to get a little stronger, blah blah blah. Of course, either of the two could very well be the culprit. But more often than not, it just comes down to understanding that their son isn’t Josh Beckett. More to the point, it’s probably not the best idea to throw year round. HINT: even Josh Beckett doesn’t do that.

This isn’t to say bringing their kid into a strength a conditioning facility is a waste of time. On the contrary, I think there’s something to be said about grooving motor patterns, and teaching a kid to do a proper push-up or learning how to squat the right way. But I think there comes a point where you have to let a kid be a kid.

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