The Return of Gentilcore: Lift Heavy Things and Eat Dead Animal Flesh (not my title, but awesome nonetheless)

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Just wanted to share an interview with all of you that I did for The Outdoor Journey, which is an awesome website “dedicated to multi-sport athletes who seek the meaning of life through endurance events.”

The author, John Kuhlman, does a fantastic job at trying to bridge the gap between endurance athletes and the weight room. Like me, he understands the important role that strength training plays in regards to endurance athletes (improved running economy, improved force production/decreased times, injury prevention, to name a few). Similarly, he also feels that there are many misconceptions that endurance athletes have towards lifting heavy stuff, and as such, recognizes that a vast majority will never reach their true potential by choosing to neglect this often overlooked component.

Click here to see why I’m a little less inclined to give my forehead a healthy dose of keyboard today.

EDIT: for those who are wondering, the picture above is of triathlete Erin Densham. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure high heels aren’t regulation attire for competition………………..but they should be. *strokes beard*

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