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First off, I hope everyone had a great Veteran’s Day. As you noticed, I took the day off from blogging, but it didn’t stop me from taking an American flag and stabbing myself in the eye with it (it was Veteran’s Day) after reading THIS.

Read the comments section to see what I mean. Sorry, but you’re NOT burning 1000 calories an hour taking a Zumba class.

Secondly, I’m stealing a page from my buddy Mark Young’s book today. In recent months the site has grown in popularity (thank you!!), and with the rising traffic, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and highlight some past posts that many of my new(er) readers might have skipped or ignored altogether.

To that end, below are a few blogs I cherry picked (some old, some new) that are not only informative and entertaining, but also do a fairly good job at showcasing why I have a black belt in being awesome.

To Wear or Not to Wear Orthotics: That Is the Question – Gotta be honest here, I’m not a fan of orthotics. Yes, they have their place, but to say that they’re over-prescribed is an understatement.

Are You Too Committed? – Please, for the love of god, get off the elliptical trainer.

What’s Worse: Eggs or Men’s Figure Skating? – My response to every grocery store cashier that comments on how many eggs I eat.

Squat Swing vs. Hip Snap Swing – Yeah, see what you’re doing there? That’s not a kettlebell swing. That’s a back ouchie waiting to happen.

A Little Dose of Tough Love – Guest post from one of my distance coaching clients that hits the nail on the head. Absolutely awesome.

What You SHOULD Do On Your “Off” Day – Seriously, it’s okay not to train today. No, really!

KISS Principle of the Day: Progressive Overload – Everyone likes to make this whole lifting weights thing more complicated than it needs to be. Whether you’re a newbie or have been at this oron game for a while now, you’d be wise to just bring it back to this one basic concept.

Girls Lift Weights Because They Can, Weird I Know – Just a small rant on the double standard that exists when it comes to women and training. Jesus, am I becoming a feminist?

Cliff Notes: Box Squats – Some of my favorite coaching cues when it comes to teaching the box squat.

Instant Classic – Cressey West – This is why my job doesn’t suck.

Real World Evidence That (some) Endurance Athletes Are Missing the Boat – I’ve written on this topic a handful of times, but feel this post summarizes my thoughts pretty nicely.

Organic vs. Kind of Organic vs. Wait, I’m Confused – I don’t consider myself a nutrition expert by any means, but it’s pretty FUBAR how FUBAR the food industry is.

140 lb Dude Looking for His Six Pack. Here’s a Hint: You’re 140 lbs!!! – This one is from my Boston Herald Days. Ahhhhh, the memories.

No Woman Should Ever Lift a Weight Over 3 lbs – A TG (yes, I just referred to myself in the 3rd person) classic if there ever was one. And to think that people pay Tracy Anderson good money to be told to do arm circles.

What Is It With Trainers Dissing Lifting Heavy Things? – I re-read this one recently and think it’s one of my better Q & A columns.

Everything Pallof Press – Everyone knows I hate sit-ups and/or crunches. In this post, I discuss anything and everything about one of my favorite “core” exercises, the Pallof press.

A Primer on Warming Up – You know, the part of the workout you always skip.

What’s More Dangerous: Training Your Wife or Wrestling a Shark? – Here, I give some sage advice on how to design a program for your spouse. HINT: Don’t do it….just kidding (kinda).

The Case of the Missing Barbells – I wrote this post the day after training at a commercial gym where I witnessed NONE of the trainers touching a barbell with a client.

Girls Can Do Push-Ups Too – I despise the term “girl push-up.” Here, I go through some progressions on push-up variations that I use with many of my female clients.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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