Don’t Have Time to Train?

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I know I’ve been slacking on the content as of late, but it’s for good reason – I swear! For starters, Cressey Performance is continually growing; and, as of last week, not only did we break our record for most sessions done in a day (twice!), but we broke our weekly record as well.

Needless to say, the upcoming expansion can’t come soon enough, and we’re really looking forward to the additional 1000 sq. feet of space we’ll be tacking on – especially with the new year right around the corner. It’s going to be madness.

Secondly, and probably most important of all, like every other dude out there with a significant other, I have yet to do any Christmas shopping. In my own defense, however, I have a game plan of what I want to get, and it starts with V and ends with ictoria Secret.

Model not included.

So, yeah, I need to get my act together. Regardless, I promise I have some good content in the works.

Moving on, I want you to watch this video below:

I know some of you are probably scratching your heads and thinking to yourselves “what the hell was that???”

That, my friends, was sent from one of my online clients, Jared, who’s a Park Ranger in Alaska. When he sent me the file last week, I was half expecting a video of him wrestling a polar bear (he’s THAT badass). But alas, it was just him going through a simple mobility circuit as he was waiting for the rest of his rescue team to arrive to assist him on a top secret mission.

He’s pretty much a real life Snow Job, except without the cool blue shades.

Gooooooooooo Joe!!!

Literally, he was alone on a frozen lake in the middle of Freezingmyballsoff, Alaska; and rather than just stand there twiddling his thumbs or spelling his name in the snow with his own pee (which is what I would have done), he decided to take the opportunity to get some exercise in. How cool is that?

This speaks to a lot of people out there who try to make every excuse imaginable not to exercise.

I don’t have time.

I’m too tired.

I forgot my iPod.

American Idol starts in 30 minutes.

You name it, I’ve heard it. I even remember one woman use the excuse of “my clothes don’t match my mood today, so I can’t workout.” I’m not kidding.

Is it any wonder, then, why many people out there are dissatisfied with their results? They’re their own worst enemy and are doing nothing but sabotaging themselves – making excuses along the way. This is why I generally hate just about every commercialized diet or exercise book ever written. Seemingly every book starts out like this:

Chapter 1 – Paragraph 1 – Sentence 1

It’s not your fault.

With very few exceptions: Yes, it is. We can all take a page from Jared’s book, I think, and realize that no matter what, you can always find the time. Always. Quit making excuses. Seriously.

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