Someone Just Got His Own Twitter Account

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I held off for as long as possible, but after some coaxing from various people (EC, Bret Contreras, the guys doing my new website, and Jesus, to name a few), I finally have my own Twitter account.

You can subscribe/follow it HERE

So, I guess this means I’m kind of a big deal now. Maybe not. Either way, I’ll be using it on occasion to update people on all the fun activities I do on a daily basis. You know, stuff like my omelet making prowess, blog updates, cool books I’m reading, movie reviews, how I’m so good at lifting heavy things, and of course, ninja training.

In a weird turn of events, however, another Tony Gentilcore already beat me to the punch and has a Twitter account. WTF!11!1! Apparently, he’s some bigshot computer programmer or something. Which just goes to show, no matter what, if you’re name is Tony Gentilcore, you’re a bonafide chick magnet. Chicka chicka, what what.

So, while I was going to challenge him to an arm wrestling match for the sole proprietorship to the name Tony Gentilcore, I just decided to go with TonyGentilcore1 instead – savvy, I know.

All I know is that I BETTER get more followers than him!

(Cue Lord of the Rings voice over)

One to rule them all.

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