Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/19/13

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Here’s this week’s list of stuff to read while you’re pretending to work.

Paleo: The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Dani Shugart

Here’s a joke for you:

Q: How do you know someone is “Paleo?”

A: They tell you.

Hahahahahahahahaha.  Get it?   Oh man I love that one.

Okay here’s the dealski:  I’m not a Paleo guy through and through.  Sure I have a few Paleo tendencies.  I eat a ton of meat and vegetables, I don’t go out of my way to include a lot of processed foods, and I’m pretty sure I ate enough saturated fat during breakfast this morning for an entire platoon.

But I don’t have a major conniption if I happen eat a piece of bread or two (or three)* at dinner, and I’m sure as shit-fire not going to deprive myself of ice cream when I want it.

My sentiments run parallel with my good friend John Romaniello’s:

Whether or not our ancestors (in a given period) ate a certain food is ultimately not relevant to whether that food affects you positively or negatively.

Stop worrying about whether something is healthy based on the criteria that some hypothetical caveman may have eaten it.

Criticizing a version of the paleo diet because it contains potatoes is like criticizing Jurassic Park because most of the dinosaurs in the movie were actually from the Cretaceous period.

Stop nitpicking. It’s just a name. If it makes you feel like shit, don’t eat it.


Either way, in this very well written article, Dani Shugart brings some clarity to an ever polarizing topic.

Your 2014 Weight Loss Challenge – Dan John

It’s no secret that I have a ton of respect for Dan John – and a teeny tiny man-crush, too – and it should become fairly self-evident once you read this article he recently wrote on

Coach has a way with words.

Weighing the Risks – How Weekend Athletics Can Ruin Your Gainz – JC Deen

No one is saying that you can’t go play a pick-up game of basketball here and there, join a beer league slow-pitch softball team, go annihilate and ruin some random kid’s day at your local paint ball course, or play a leisurely game of lawn darts (preferably not drunk).

Sports, hobbies, and other fun activities are a part of life.

BUT there does come a point every so often where you need to weigh the rewards along with the risks – especially as it relates to your fitness goals.

* = or four, don’t judge me

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