How to Train For Power

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First off: Like, WHOA!

It’s been bonkers on the site the past few days. Tuesday’s post, An Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Told a Women “Don’t Get Too Muscular,” pretty much won the internet for a 48 hour stretch and has been getting a ton of positive feedback and commentary.

It’s by far been the most successful post in the history of this site – to the tune of 13,000 (and counting) “Likes” – and has been making the rounds via various social media outlets. People are sharing it left and right, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I don’t think if I posted a video of me arm wrestling Tracy Anderson (in space!) that it would go more viral than this article has.

I guess the lesson to be learned is that, when an outspoken, articulate, and strong woman such as Sophia goes out of her way to relay such a profound & powerful (and slightly controversial) message, people will undoubtedly listen.

Thanks again to Sophia for her contribution. And thanks to everyone who went out of their way to help spread the message.

And now that I’ve increased me female readership by 1017%…..

….it only makes sense that I switch gears, possibly decrease my female readership by 1013%, and discuss the topic of POWER!!  More specifically how to train for power.

Mind you, this doesn’t imply that women aren’t interested. They can benefit just as much as guys when it comes to training for and hence improving power output. It’s just that, you know, is there any more of a “manly” topic than the topic of power?

Think about it. Guys are seemingly obsessed with power.

How many guys go out of their way to buy a Prius? Most lean towards the sports car.  Unless you’re me and you opt for an Elantra. With spoilers!  But I digress.

Likewise, when it comes to movies, there’s a reason why most dudes opt for testosterone infused eye candy like the Fast & Furious franchise or Transformers in lieu of anything starring Julia Roberts or adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel.

We want tanks, explosions, the occasional zombie apocalypse, and more explosions.

Not sappy dialogue and clichéd boy-meets-girl-lets-make-out-in-the-rain storybook endings.

Although to be fair: The Gossinator (Ryan Gosling) is the man.

Hell, as far as guys are concerned, whether we’re referring to power tools or drugs that give us more powerful erections, power is all around us, seemingly marinating our every waking moment.

Not coincidentally this mindset has many of its own parallels in the strength and conditioning realm.

In my latest article on T-Nation, I discuss what power training is (and isn’t) and how one can go about training it more effectively using protocols and movements that can be applied TODAY!


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