Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/13/15

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I’m in a bitter sweet mood as I type these words while chilling in Tropicana Cafe located just outside the reach of Circular Quay in a neighborhood called Darlinghurst (Sydney).

Lisa’s sitting right across from me and we’re both sharing a piece of carrot cake while sipping on some peppermint teas. We’re classy like that.

Feeling bitter because we just checked out of the Sir Stamford Hotel in the Quay and are now staying in a hotel that’s not the Sir Stamford Hotel. That was place the shit. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area. Also bitter because we’re down to our last two days in Australia. Tomorrow I’ll be busy with my last workshop working with 30 of Sydney’s most prolific trainers, taking them through the ropes on how I coach and approach corrective exercise.

And then Lisa and I will be heading back to Boston the day after that.

Feeling sweet because this has been an amazing experience and something I won’t soon forget. That and we’re both ready to come home to Boston. We miss Dagny (our cat).

We don’t miss the snow.

For those unaware, Lisa has been writing a daily dairy of our Australian exploits. You can check it out HERE. To give you a bit of the flavor of her posts here’s a pic we took as I was driving from Sydney to the Hunter Valley (on the opposite of the car and road).

Needless to say there’s plenty of trials, tribulations, and tomfoolery to read about. I think you’ll enjoy it.

And speaking of stuff to read, here’s the latest list……

Lift Weights Faster 2.0 – Jen Sinkler

Full Disclosure: this isn’t an article. But it isn’t a hidden agenda either. I like Jen. I respect Jen. I think she’s one of the best coaches around, and I KNOW she’s someone who routinely puts out high-quality content. In short: she helps people, and she’s damn good at it too.

If you missed it, she wrote a fantastic guest post a few days ago on OVER-conditioning.

LWF 2.0 is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to up the ante not only with their conditioning, but also how not to be an asshat with overdoing it.

In fact I use LWF myself when I need a swift kick in the ass, or if I need a little “twist” when writing programs for my own clients. It’s that good!

Friday (March 13th) is the LAST day to purchase it at a heavily discounted price though, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can.

My Favorite Exercise Combinations: Installment 4 – Miguel Aragoncillo

Fellow Cressey Sports Performance coach, Miguel Aragoncillo, wrote this fantastic post on a really cool bench press/”creep” combination that I think a lot of people will enjoy.

Never thought of this approach before. I dig it!

6 Deadlift Tips For Non-Powerlifters – Nick Tumminello

What can I say? I can never resist a good deadlift article. This one was superb.

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