Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 10/6/17

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It’s Lisa’s last day of work – wooooooooo hooooooooo. So proud of her and excited to watch her grow her private practice and consulting business.

We’re too busy celebrating so I’ll just get right to business.



1) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Boston

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is finally coming to Boston. Not “fake” Boston, either, on the outskirts of the North or South shore, and we end up calling it a Boston workshop.

No, this sumbitch is going to be IN Boston, at AMP Fitness located near Government Center in the heart of the city.

This shindig goes down the weekend of November 11th and will likely be mine and Dean Somerset’s last hoorah presenting this particular workshop.

The early bird rate is currently in effect. Hope to see you there.

And by “there” I mean HERE.

2) Hardcore Kettlebell Clinic – at CORE (My Joint)

Mark your calendars.

Lets make sure your workout is safe and efficient. Just one simple clinic to clean up two important movements patterns: the squat and hip hinge.

Coach Justice Roe will be holding this at CORE soon. Spots will be limited.

For more information and to sign up contact Justice:

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

Gift of Injury: The Strength Athletes Guide to Recovering From Back Injury to Winning Again – Dr. Stuart McGill & Brian Carroll

Back injuries can be the worst, and if you’re something you likes to lift heavy things it’s almost inevitable.

Telling someone who’s livelihood is the iron to “just stop lifting” isn’t the right approach (not to mention woefully narrow-minded).

I received my copy of this book earlier this week and it’s really, really good. The way it’s written – Brian telling his story, with Dr. McGill chiming in to add his insights and knowledge – makes it an easy and entertaining read.

If you’re a strength athlete or someone who works with strength athletes, it behooves you to purchase this book.

The Primary Pattern Workout – Charles Staley

Always love Charles’ writing and approach to training.

Please read this.

Don’t Lower the Bar For Yourself – Georgie Fear

Selecting the wrong diet is not the problem keeping millions of people overweight and unhappy about it. What we need to be talking about is what a person can do other than go a diet to eliminate their weight problems. 

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