Stuff to Read While You’re Stuck at Home Not Wearing Pants: 5/1/20

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Six weeks of being sequestered in a cramped Boston apartment has taken its toll.

My wife and I have decided to pack the car and make the drive to Florida this weekend to stay at her mother’s house. The prospect of having access to a yard, swimming pool, and a grandma are just too enticing.

Now, the longest I’ve ever driven a car is six hours from Boston to my hometown in New York. The drive from Boston to Jensen Beach, Florida is 22+ hours.

And this is with a toddler in tow.

What the hell am I thinking??

(Any Audible recommendations? Cocaine maybe?)





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Warming-up. . 🏋️ I hate it, you hate it, your Mom’s best friend’s Pilates instructor’s water delivery man’s second cousin hates, everyone hates it. . Alas, a necessity if you’re interested in reducing risk of injury and performing well. . I’ve grown out of the habit of providing a laundry list of warmup drills for the majority of my clients & athletes to perform prior to working out. . Ankle mobility this, t-spine extension that, glute activation, blah, blah, blah. . Most would rather wash their face with broken glass anyway. . This doesn’t discount its importance of course and I’ll go into the weeds if someone has a unique injury history that requires a bit more TLC, but it’s just a fact that most people skip their warmup. . The solution, I’ve found, is to attempt to make the warmup feel & look more like training.. . The idea is to still address shit that needs to be addressed and to get the body (and joints) primed for subsequent shenanigans… . …but to avoid the rabbit hole of endless “corrective exercise.” . Here’s an example of a pairing I used yesterday prior to benching. . 1️⃣ 90/90 Band Y’s (via @barbellphysio ). . ** Make sure you go SLOW, ribs down, and limit movement from lower back. Sick beats in background help too…😉 . 2️⃣ Rocking Push-Up (via @meghancallaway ). . 3×5 reps each. . My shoulders felt amazing afterward and my sub-par bench press felt a little less sub-parey…😂

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Are Deadlifts Dangerous? – Chris Tiley

Short Answer: No, don’t be cra-cra.

For the More Nuanced, Well-Thought Out Answer: Click above.

Routine & What I Do When It Fails – Chris Cooper

For those of us who are creatures of habit, especially if part of your daily routine is heading to the gym, the past several weeks have suuuuuuuuuuuucked.

This is a great read from Chris on how to better handle our anxiety during this trying time.

The Ultimate Push-Up Program – Meghan Callaway

Currently on sale at $50 off the regular price and it ends this weekend!

Also, Meghan is the shit. This is a great program and resource.

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