Announcing the Inside the Coach’s Mind Workshop: Boston

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I’ve long stated that the largest “gap” in knowledge for most fit pros isn’t the area of program design or the “x’s” and “o’s” of how to improve scapular upward rotation.

It’s the soft skills of coaching.

I.e., what’s going on in your head.

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Inside the Coach’s Mind

In more sage words…

…what’s really lacking in most fit pros’ repertoires is how to leverage your own way of thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to maximize your effectiveness as a coach, your rapport & working relationships with clients, and your own resilience and mental health.

Being an effective, professional coach isn’t about barking orders or putting on a facade of a hard-ass.

Dr. Lisa Lewis (my wife) released Psych Skills for Fit Pros last year and it helped many coaches realize the importance of “mindful” coaching and how to better build motivation.

This Fall, in Boston, she is going to continue the conversation with a brand new 2-day event that will dig deeper into the coach’s mind.

It’s focus is to enhance your own understanding of psychology and how to use it to enhance and best utilize coaching skills.

The weekend’s curriculum includes:

But also…

  • Mental Preparation – for coaching and training
  • Character Strengths – Know them. Leverage them. 
  • Professional Orientation – Mission, values, philosophy. Name them. Practice them. 
  • Unconscious Processes in Coaching – Transference, Framing, Psychological Dynamics
  • Professional Boundaries – Set them. Maintain them. 
  • Self-Care – For sustainability, efficacy, and mental health.

When: Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7th, 2021

Where: Ethos Fitness & Performance (in the beautiful South End of Boston)

Cost: $699 (until 9/30), $799 (from 10/1 till day of the workshop)

👉 CEU’s will be made available via the NSCA

👉 Come enjoy a splendid fall weekend in Boston!

👉 Click HERE to Register 👈

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