Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/19/22

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1. Strategic Strength Workshop – Boston (March 2022 w/ Luke Worthington)


This coming March Luke Worthington and I will be putting on our popular Strategic Strength Workshop in Boston, MA. Check out the full details HERE.

  • Payment plan option
  • CEUs will be offered
  • I’ll probably talk about deadlifts…;o)

2. COACHED: Raise the Bar Conference

I’m excited to announce that I will be part of the Raise the Bar Conference. An event focused on the missing links in our industry: Communication, collaboration, connection, behavioral psychology, business & marketing skills, and much more.

When: February 4th-6th, 2022
Where: BioFit Performance, Oviedo, FL (Orlando area)

And more importantly who? Who will be presenting at this event?

I gotta say: This is undoubtedly one of the most stacked line-ups I have ever seen; even more than the 1990 Oakland Athletics.

Virtual slots are infinite, however IN-PERSON slots are now limited, act quickly – HERE.

3. Strategic Strength Workshop: London, UK – April 23-24th (w/ Luke Worthington)

To serve as a “double-feature” of sorts, since Luke is coming to Boston in March we figured it was only fair for me to venture back to London as well.

This workshop IS happening on the weekend provided in central London, however we have yet to cement a venue.

Stay tuned.

That said…

 👇  👇  👇

4. Coaching Competency Workshop: Leeds, UK – May, 1 2022

I’m pumped for this one. Every workshop I’ve put on in England (outside of one I did in Bath back in 2017) has taken place in London.

I’m excited to head north and visit Leeds!





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The Junk Food Delusion – Dani Shugart

Unhealthy Junk Food

It’s fashionable of late for some “fitness experts and influencers” to tout junk food as no big deal.

And, generally, it isn’t. Personally, I love junk food (especially pizza and ice-cream) and eat it often. Also, at the end of the day, so long the calories ingested match YOUR goals and YOUR preferences everyone should be left alone and do whatever the fuck it is they want to do.

That being said, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking junk food is “healthy” or that there’s no cost to doing business.

Nice read from Dani here.

The “How to Lose Great Coaches” Starter Pack – Missy Mitchell-McBeth

Midsection of basketball coach with stopwatch

Ohhhhhh1 snap.

Shots have been fired (right on Missy!)

Why Posture and Pain do not Simply Relate – Ben Cormack

Male osteopath doing a postural evaluation

As I’ve stated in the past:

“Posture is nothing more than a position.”

Just because someone presents as “not mirroring what a textbook says is perfect posture,” doesn’t mean they’re walking ball of dysfunction.

Guess what? We don’t live in textbooks!

Posture is the result of the TASK being asked of the body and the LOAD being placed upon it. Whether it’s “bad” or “passable” is a hodge-podge of variables and it depends’. You can’t predict whether or not a certain type of posture is deleterious to the low back more than the Easter Bunny.

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