CORE Collective is Happening: So Much Room For Activities!

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After two failed attempts since 2019 – one due to a pandemic, and the other to what I’ll simply chalk up to as a bunch of shit-fuckery – CORE Collective is finally going to happen.

What Is CORE Collective?

Well, just so we’re clear: My first choice for this project was to call it “Tony’s Techno Palace of Deadlifts & Dreams,” but to no one’s surprise, that idea was quickly de-flamed when I realized that there was zero chance the Town of Brookline (where I live) would approve that for the name of a gym.

As most who read this blog know, my training studio is called CORE. I’ve been training people out of the space since 2015 after I left Cressey Sports Performance. It’s a space that serves its purpose…

…appointment only semi-private training where people get after it and do their best to increase their general levels of badassery.

In addition, I also sublet the space to other coaches in the Boston area. In this sense, the space is still generating revenue when I am not there using it myself, and, more importantly, it allows the opportunity for other fitness professionals to build and grow their own brand & respective businesses with limited risk.

In reality, their only responsibility (I.e., overhead) is to pay their monthly rent for usage of the space. And to also KNEEL BEFORE ZOD every time I walk into the room.


It really isn’t too much to ask.

For the past few years I have had an itch to expand my business. For starters, and admittedly, selfishly…to scale things and to (hopefully) increase my ability to generate more revenue as I ween away from coaching. Secondly, I have always felt there was a large gap in this industry between the commercial gym trainer and gym owner.

Commercial trainers sometimes (not always) feel trapped in their situation, stuck playing the corporate game with limited (if any) leeway to build autonomy and increasing their earning potential without having to put in more, and more, and more hours.

Gym ownership seemingly makes sense and the obvious “next step,” but many lack the means to make that happen.

CORE Collective will be designed to bridge that gap.

For Real This Time, Now I’ll Tell You About It

CORE Collective is a work environment for independently operating coaches and healthcare practitioners – physical therapy, massage, nutrition, psycho therapy, etc – who share a belief in holistic, synergistic care of people.

(And maybe also have an affinity for sick 90’s hip-hop beats).


We work to improve health, wellness, performance, and life for our clients.

And we operate under the core values of:

✅Competency, and

CORE Collective is a working environment in which we hope health & fitness coaches and practitioners can do their best work, and enjoy the benefits of working independently while also having the advantage of nearby and accessible colleagues & complimentary practices.

The new 5500 sq foot space, which is slated to open in March/April 2024 in the heart of Brookline Village with easy access to Boston, will be a combination of a strength & conditioning facility and healthcare offices.

The S&C facility will be managed by myself and the healthcare offices by my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis.

Coaches and practitioners interested in becoming a part of the collective can “apply” to become a collaborator and to start the journey to grow their own brand & business. Collaborators are independent entities (LLC, INC, etc) who apply to sublet space at the Collective, who align with our mission, values, and culture.

A “team” spirit is encouraged and supported. Collaborators will have the opportunity to work together on client cases, and to learn from one another.1

If you’re interested in learning more or to apply please shoot me an email via the contact form on this site.

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