Coaching at CORE

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As you may or may not know I’m one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance. However, as of the Fall of 2015 I am no longer coaching there.

Now I own and operate my own training studio in Brookline, MA called CORE.

It may be kinda small, but rest assured I’ve been able to equip it with all the pertinent stuff needed to make people into badasses.

I start everyone I work with with an initial one-on-one assessment where we go over goals, training history, injury history, movement quality, performance tests, and discuss favorite GI-Joe characters of all time.

I operate using a semi-private format: coaching 2-4 people at a time (most of the time 2) where everyone is working off of their own individualized program I write on a month-to-month basis.

How Stuff Works/What To Expect

All sessions are performed in a semi-private format. Meaning, outside of the initial assessment, you will be training alongside 1-4 other people. Don’t worry, they’re cool.

This format provides a few advantages over the standard one-on-one personal training approach:

  • You’re going to be working alongside other like-minded individuals who are equally as excited to push, pull, carry, lunge, squat, deadlift, and otherwise hoist things around of varying shapes and sizes (and weight)…all while having fun, and paying me to tell you to do it repeatedly. How cool is that?
  • You’ll play a part in helping to build a culture that breeds positivity, progress (not perfection), and an incessant desire to not be average.
  • You’ll soon have a better appreciation for EDM and 90s Hip-Hop music.

Coaching is the key word here, because I’m fairly hands-on (non-creepily of course) and am always giving feedback when necessary. I’m not just going to stand there and count reps. I’m going to coach you.

To get the ball rolling all you need to do is click the fancy red button below to purchase your initial assessment. I’ll then send you an email to confirm and to set up a date/time.

And then it’s time to get to work. There’s no “initial pitch” or requirement to commit to any long-term package. You show up, we move around a little bit, and hopefully come up with a game plan that best fits your needs and schedule.

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