How fitness is marketed towards women is shameful at times. Key words like “sexy” and “toned” are used in lieu of words like strong and performance.

Neghar Fonooni breaks the mold and offers a well-rounded training system that will help not only educate but empower women.

Pat Davidson is a beast and he knows how to make YOU into one as well. This program is not for the faint of heart.

The most successful gyms and fitness professionals in the industry aren’t just wizards with the x’s and o’s of program design and exercise execution. They’re also masters when it comes to the soft skills of coaching and building a winning culture.

Most kids don’t need a strength coach. They need a tree to climb and a bike. Mike Boyle goes into great detail on youth training in this amazing resource.

An excellent resource by Kourtney Thomas and Jen Sinkler geared toward women who want to add muscle (and aren’t afraid to show it off).

Yoga for people who lift. Designed by someone who lifts, Neghar Fonooni.

It’s Mike Boyle. I shouldn’t have to say anything else. Take a peek into the concepts and strategies one of the legends in the industry uses to make elite level athletes.

Presented by the smart, strong, and beefy guys over at, this is a monthly research review that covers topics in strength and getting jacked. If you’re like me and hate reading research, this saves you a ton of time.