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It stands to reason that I have seen a lot of dumb things throughout my years working as a personal trainer (BOSU balls anyone?). I would go so far to say that a see something on a daily basis that makes me scratch my head and think to myself, “why?” I’d also go so far to say that my hands should be licensed as lethal weapons by the government, but I digress.

One of my biggest “pet peeves” is when I see a trainer and client talking to one another DURING a set. I am not referring to a trainer offering coaching cues or correcting form during a set; I am referring to the two actually having a conversation about what they watched on tv last night or how delectable “x” restaurant was to eat at last weekend. (FYI: The Sunset Grill: Cajun Paco Taco Salad….is the bomb).

I’ll keep this brief. If you’re able to hold an entire conversation while you’re performing an exercise (either with a trainer or while training with a friend), then you’re not even close to working hard enough or with any intensity what-so-ever. On a side note, I’ll take a wild guess and assume that you probably haven’t made much progress in the gym in the past few months either (maybe even years).

I am not opposed to building a repoire with my clients and chatting it up with them. On the contrary, many of my clients would say I am the most charming and hilarious person they have ever met….true story. But lets not forget that training time is training time (not social hour). I am all for chatting about how stupid Lindsay Lohan is, but during an actual set is NOT that time.

General rule of thumb. If you’re able to talk during a set….add some weight to the bar or increase the intensity on the treadmill. It will be good for you.

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