Supplements Will Make You Swole/Yoked/Jacked. Or Something Like That.

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I haven’t discussed supplements in quite some time, so I figured I might start a weekly discussion on them; maybe. Each week I’d like to pick a supplement and discuss it’s pros/cons/whether or not it will make chicks want to hang out with you, etc. Although I have to say that supplements are kind of a gray area with me. On one end, I recognize their efficacy and there are undoubtedly a handful that I highly recommend to people. Conversely, I do feel (generally speaking) they’re grossly over emphasized.

For instance, I can’t stand it when someone who is 20-40 lbs overweight and has the mobility of a pregnant pig starts asking me about glycerol and whether or not he should start taking it. What tha what? Here’s an idea, stop eating Arby’s everyday for lunch and go to the gym more than once a week. As Alwyn Cosgrove has stated time and time again, “supplements are progress enhancers, not progress starters.” Trust me, outside of some very specific circumstances (trying to get contest lean), if your current training/diet plan isn’t working, supplements aren’t going to help much.

That being said, if any of you would like to see me blog about any supplement in particular, let me know below. More than likely, I’ll do this for a few weeks and then get tired of it. You see I typically write my blogs in the morning, which is to say I’ll probably be too busy watching JC Monahan report the local weather. Which is to say I obviously could care less what the Dew Point is*.

Also, just a fair warning, the first person to ask about NO Explode gets a free one nut punch courtesy of yours truly.

*Sexy. Get it? She reports the weather and she’s hot. And weather people always report the dew point. Ergo, dew point=sexy. Stay classy Boston.

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