Big Food vs. Big Insurance

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When it comes to politics, I’m about as non-political as they come. While I try to keep tabs on the important topics, and like to think of myself as having a subjective viewpoint, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from an expert and really only get my news from the following sources:

1. The back of a cereal box.

2. Talk radio to and from work everyday: personal favs include Michael Graham and Michele McPhee of WTKK, 96.6 here in Boston.

3. The occasional episode of The Daily Show.

4. And whatever it is that’s coming out of French newswoman, Melissa Theuriau’s mouth.

Jesus, she looks intelligent. You gotta give the French credit. If it were at all comparable to mid-90’s tv shows that kicked ass and took names, not to mention included one of the most underrated badonkadonks in U.S history (Jenna von Oy, aka, Six)- the French would be the Blossom of getting hot chicks to read news.

Moving on, I’ve generally made it a personal rule not to talk politics with people given that it usually does nothing but result in heated debates and/or knife fights. However, given the recent uproar about universal health care, and rightfully so I might add, I wanted to share a really great article written by Michael Pollan that appeared in the NY Times last week titled Big Food vs. Big Insurance.

With three quarters of health care spending going towards treatment of preventable chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity- all of which, not coincidentally, can be correlated to the typical Western diet- it’s not unreasonable to surmise that the most powerful “fix” to this whole issue could simply be what we put on our plates.

Yet another reason why Michael Pollan deserves the Pulitzer Prize for being Michael Pollan.

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