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You know those poplar “Eat This, Not That” segments that you’ll see in many popular magazines and other mass media? The ones that compare say, a Big Whopper to a whole wheat turkey sub- suggesting that the latter is a healthier alternative? Well, today, I’m taking the same concept and applying it towards fitness sites for women.

It frustrates me that women tend to get the bulk of their fitness information from the likes of Oprah, Tracy Anderson, and Gillian Michaels.

Oprah: I don’t get it. Much like it dumbfounds me that people actually take marriage advice from her (NEWSFLASH: she’s never been married), I just can’t comprehend why women continue to flock to her for diet and training advice as well.

I mean, has she ever you know, been “fit?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, she ran a marathon, and to her credit, she did inspire people to get off their asses. But was it really that impressive? I mean, I’ve watched the Boston Marathon a few times, and have witnessed people talking on their cell phones at mile 17. Wow, amazing.

Moreover, isn’t it rather odd that people look to her for dieting advice, when she has never stuck with a diet, like ever? That would be like someone coming to me for advice on vacuuming, or, I don’t know, how not to be awesome. it just doesn’t make sense.

Tracy Anderson: How someone who’s about as intelligent as a ham sandwich (and even that can be debated) has millions of people listening to her, is beyond me.

Seriously, does this sound like someone we should be taking fitness advice from? Just read these recent gems taken from a recent article seen in a local Boston newspaper featuring Ms. Anderson. With regards to pregnant women, did you know they should do exercises that:

“….keep your muscles tightly knit and your structure together. Walking on its own won’t cut it, as muscles and tissue are continually stretching. You need to work on keeping the skin close to the muscle to regain firmness”


” Pregnant woman shouldn’t rebound on a trampoline it’s too aggressive on the joints- better they do head stands.”

Yep, she’s a millionaire. Only in America can someone who thinks there’s such a thing as an “inner bicep muscle” become a celebrity fitness professional. It’s official, I suck at life.

Jillian Michaels: Preaches hard work, then pimps supplements. Awesome

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that women have been programmed by the mass media to think they’re these soft, delicate creatures that shouldn’t (can’t?) lift weights. It’s downright criminal. And I think it’s safe to say that a vast majority of the information they are getting is downright absurd. To that end, below are some sites that I HIGHLY recommend you check ASAP.– I’ve never directly spoken with her, but Krista Scott-Dixon is the female version of me. Same sense of humor, and she tells it like it is.– You won’t find routines with pink dumbbells on this site.

The Fat Solutions (Nia Shanks)- Nia and I pretty much have an internet crush on one another. Well, maybe it’s more on my end, but nevertheless, she’s strong as hell and does a fantastic job at motivating women to lift heavy shit.

Rachel– She’s competed in triathlons, figure shows, and powerlifting. Not to mention, she’s kind of smart and knows a thing or two about fat loss.

Cassandra Forsythe– I mentioned her new blog the other day, but I can’t compile a list of “go to” female sites and not include Cass.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but should serve as a good starting point for many. As such, if you have a few great resources yourself, feel free to drop a line below in the comments section!

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