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The Best Postural Stretch? – Mike Reinold

A nice post from Mike concerning sitting posture, and what we can do to counteract it. While I’m a little reluctant to go so far as to say that this stretch is a good idea for everyone (it isn’t), it does bring up some valid points with regards to just how flexion dominant our society is (cool chart Mike!). I mean, regardless of whether or not you agree with his assertion, it stands to reason that something is better than nothing – even if we have to modify it .

That said, be sure to check out the comments section when you can. Some great discussion there!

Puppies in the Vices: The Deleterious Effects of Sitting – Bret Contreras

If there was ever an Ann Rand award given to the fitness professional who writes the longest blog posts ever, Bret would win hands down every time. In addition, much like Rand, he also writes some of the most introspective and thought provoking posts as well. While it may actually take you the entire work day to read it, it’s spectacular nonetheless.

Weight Training Women – Ammi

I know I haven’t written a lot of “women only” content lately, but to make up for it, here’s a great post by a woman named Ammi who, although I have no idea who she is, has many of the same thoughts and concerns about women and training as I do. As such, I decided to check her stuff out, and found this post which I felt was was spot on. I’d definitely add this to my list of “go to” training sites for women.

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