Pros and Joes: More Similar Than You Think!

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Note:  We recently converted my blog back to Word Press, so the layout may seem a little funky for the time-being.  Hopefully soon we’ll fix the glitches.  Sorry!

In addition, I have a dentist appointment (ugh) in like 45 minutes, and I’m kinda strapped for time.  Luckily, though, my boy EC came through with some top-notch content today.  Enjoy!

It’s no secret that we train a lot of professional athletes at Cressey Performance.  But what a lot people fail to realize is that we also train a plethora (my big word for the day) of “regular” people who, much like our athletes, are just as interested in tapping into their inner Spartan, kicking down a few doors, getting after it, and lifting some heavy things – all in an effort to attain a productive training environment without getting hurt.

Some stats to consider, however:

82% of people walking around out there have disc bulges or herniation at one level.  38% at two levels

27% have vertebral fractures

34% have rotator cuff tears

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Suffice it to say, whether or job is to throw 95 MPH heaters or sit there and trade TPS Reports, people are walking around pretty jacked up.  And, it’s no secret that as we get older we tend to see more more degenerative changes in the body, which can oftentimes throw a monkey wrench into things from a training stand point.  I mean, I’m only 34, and there are times where I look back at what I used to do back in my college days, and a small piece of my soul dies.

Vertical leg press?  Really, Tony?

As such, it only makes sense that we’d want programming that allows us to train, not to mention make progress –  regardless of what our goals may be:  lose a few lbs of fat, run a half-marathon, bench press a tank, whatever – without running the risk of injuring ourselves further.  Or, put another way:  having the ability to train long-term without helping to pay-off some physical therapist’s mortgage.

That said, my good friend and business partner, Eric Cressey, just released a few videos (webinars, actually) that should set the record straight, and prove fairly valuable to those reading who are consistently frustrated as to why they’re not:

  • Getting Stronger
  • Getting Leaner
  • Adding Muscle
  • Becoming More Athletic
  • Staying HEALTHY!

At the end of the day, it comes to programming.  There are a plethora (HA, again) of factors than come into play, but it stands to reason that if you’re not utilizing a program that addresses things like foam rolling, dynamic warm-up, structural balance, corrective exercise, actually getting stronger, etc, then you’re probably better off beating your head against the wall.

If any of this rings a bell or sounds vaguely familiar (yeah, I’m talking to you), I’d HIGHLY encourage you to click the link below and get your learn on.

CLICK ME <==== You Know You Want To!



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