Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/10/12

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Raise your hand if you’ve spent the better part of this past week driving with reckless abandon down various side streets, looking over your shoulder around every corner, and/or jumping down the sides of buildings in anticipation of The Bourne Legacy coming out this weekend!

I totally have.  Amongst other things – like this exchange I had with a cashier yesterday.

Cashier: “Excuse me sir, will that be paper or plastic?”

Me: “Who’s running Treadstone now?

Cashier: “Tread wha?  What are you talking about? Will that be cash or credit?


“By the way, Greek yogurt is buy one get one free, right?”

While the new installment is Damonless (nooooo), and Paul Greengrass isn’t directing, I have full confidence that Tony Gilroy (who actually wrote the screenplays for all the previous films) will do a great job taking the reigns, and that Jeremy Renner (who’s not playing Jason Bourne but another super agent, Aaron Cross) will nail it.

Fitness Bullies? – Jen Comas Keck

I thought this was a fantastic post written by Jen, and something that more fitness professionals need to read. I’ll be the first to admit that there have been times in the past where I’ve been a fitness bully myself.

I’d scoff and judge and stick my nose up in the air if someone wasn’t going out of their way to lift heavy stuff.

But then I came to the realization that that was kind of a douchy way to approach things.  If someone is exercising – even if it is super-duper-red-hot-naked-metabolic-yoga-insanity-pilates-extreme – isn’t that a good thing?

Train Like a Man Part 4 – Martin Rooney

Martin always has a knack for keeping it real and lighting a fire underneath people’s asses when it comes to training.  I LOVE his stories, and I especially like some of the brutal circuits he outlines in this one.

Tips for Your Strength and Conditioning Internship – Kyle O’Flaherty

Kyle’s a current intern here at Cressey Performance and he wrote this guest post over on Ben Bruno’s site that I felt hit the nail on the head.  I’m constantly getting emails from people asking what it’s like to intern at CP (it’s kind of like watching The Dark Knight Rises while driving a tank, only a little less awesome) and questions on what we look for in prospective interns.  This post elucidates on both fronts.

Enjoy the weekend!


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