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Gotta keep this one short and sweet today. I had the opportunity to appear on the Inside the Athletic Grind Podcast earlier this week as a guest.

Nick Merich, one of the Editors-in-Chief, was a former athlete who trained at Cressey Sports Performance and his experience training with us a few summers ago inspired him to start the Inside the Athletic Grind website (and podcast).

Both are about inspiring the athlete and entrepreneur on their path to greatness. Why do some athletes and entrepreneurs succeed without much effort (or grind for that matter)? Why do others fail? Is failing even that bad of a thing?

I’d argue not.

More often than not it’s our failures in every day life, business, and athletics that help us learn and to come back stronger; to drop kick adversity in the face if you will.

Inside the Athletic Grind encourages self-development, inspires athletes of all levels, and helps them embrace the “grind” we all live by.

This was one my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. It’s more conversational and  we hit on a wide variety of topics. Everything from my journey as a lowly college student to recognized strength coach to my own mistakes and walls I had to hurdle to make it to the point where I am today. And I promise, no mentions of my cat. I think.

—> Listen HERE <—

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