Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 4/17/15

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A quick heads-up before I toss this week’s list your way.

We’re excited to announce that Cressey Sports Performance will be hosting an upcoming 1-Day seminar with Alex Viada titled An Introduction to Applied Hybrid Training Methodology on June 28, 2015.

Alex is the owner of Complete Human Performance and author of The Hybrid Athlete. If there were a WikiPedia page made for “Badass Motherf******,” I’m pretty sure Alex’s grill would be plastered next to the definition.

This is a guy who’s not only an elite level powerlifter with PRs of 705 (squat), 465 (bench press) and 700 (DL) raw w/ wraps in the 220 class, but also competes in triathlons and ULTRA marathons (100+ miles) with a mile time of 4:15.

Oh, and he also dabbles in bodybuilding. And arm wrestles grizzly bears. In fact, he’s the guy The Avengers call when they need help.

He’s an impressive human being and he’s someone who challenges people to push their bodies to levels and places they never thought possible. I’m really looking forward to listening to him speak, and I know the rest of the CSP staff is as well.

For more information you can go HERE.

8 Workout Mistakes You’re Probably Making – Lee Boyce

My favorite mistake – “You’re pulling a CrossFit.”

LOLs. I heart Lee.

This Is the Best Ab Wheel Instructional Video On the Internet – Jordan Syatt

I know the title comes across as a bit conceited, analogous to me writing something along the lines of “Hey Internet, My Biceps Are the Best Biceps in the History of Ever. Get Some!1

But I didn’t think the title was conceited at all, and felt it was very fitting.

This is actually a really good video and demonstrates pretty much how everyone performs their ab wheel rollouts.

How Should Journalists Cover Quacks Like Dr. Oz or the Food Babe – Julia Belluz

I concede that even I’m growing tired of all the anti-Dr. Oz and Food Babe diatribes that are drowning the internet right now.

While at a base-level I enjoy it – because both are assholes. A little more assholey than someone who clubs a baby seal, but not quite as assholey as Kanye West – none of it really accomplishes anything.


Because even the negative commentary – which is often backed by facts and droves of scientific research that clearly debunks much (if not all) of the pseudoscience they spout – still draws attention to them.

Which, in a sick, backwards way, gains them supporters.

This was a nice outside-of-the-box way of addressing the issue.

Give it a read. PLEASE.

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  • Nathane L Jackson

    Hey Tony, NOOOOOOOOOOO disrespect to Jordan because he hits the main cues, but my Rollout video has a few additional points which may make it worthy of the "Title." (haha, this is now a peeing contest). However, Jordan's video aesthetics absolutely CRUSHES mine as I obviously need to learn the basic principles of lighting a video. Yeah, my video is embarrassing so I'll save us both the pain, but in addition to the cues Jordan gave, below are the following points I touch on. 1) Straight wrists throughout the exercise 2) Rib cage pulled down 3) Double Chin, and 4) How to progress a rollout by starting in front of a wall, or other immovable objects such as, Jabba the Hutt. Okay, I'm done peeing now...... This is just my way of saying I love reading "This week on Tony" come Sunday morning. Nate

    April 19, 2015 at 10:21 am | Reply to this comment

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