Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/31/15

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Before we dive into this week’s list I wanted to say “thank you” to everyone who chimed in with their kind words and internet high-fives over my Vogue Magazine story the other day.

It was nice to know I wasn’t too off-base with my thinking and that many of you felt the same level of disbelief and WTFness that something absurd would make it to print in a mainstream magazine.

I (and Lisa) felt much better after writing it. Please continue to spread the word! It’s a message that needs to be heard.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop


As a reminder: Dean Somerset and I are excited to announce our latest gig: The Complete Shoulder & Hip Training Workshop.

It’s like a travel Cirque du Soleil show, except with no tents, flashy acrobatics, animals, or ripped half- naked dudes contorting themselves into pretzels. Unless, of course, Dean decides to take people through one of his epic warm-up routines.

He’s a surprisingly supple bastard.

We teamed up last year for a handful of workshops that were really successful – London, DC, LA –  and didn’t want to kill each other, so we figured we’d do it again this year

This time we’re going to place a ton of emphasis on the hips and shoulders. We’ll talk anatomy, assessment, corrective exercise, programming, and we’ll also be doing a fair amount of coaching/hands-on demonstrations. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll bring along a slide show of all my wedding pictures.

Lisa and I finally received a bulk of them the other day. Here’s a sneak peek of one of our favs…

Nom, nom, nom, nom

CEU’s will be available for all workshops.

EDMONTON (only three weeks away!).

ST. LOUIS (in September, the EARLY BIRD rate is still active, but will end soon.)

CHICAGO (I’ve never been, and can’t wait to explore.)

(Just Added) LOS ANGELES (in November, I’ll finally be able to tour all the bars from the movie Swingers).

To Crunch or Not to Crunch: An Evidence-Based Examination of Spinal Flexion Exercises, Their Potential Risks, and Their Applicability to Program Design – Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld

This is the full study printed in the Strength and Conditioning Journal and NOT an article. It’s long, it’s boring. Caffeine is recommended.

It’s older (four years), and for some reason I’m just now reading it. I suck.

I’m definitely someone who’s based most (if not all ) of his approach to core training and lower back “management” on Dr. Stuart McGill’s research. He’s the godfather of spinal research and biomechanics (and has an epic mustache) so who am I to disagree?

That said, I also like to consider myself open-minded and am more than willing to absorb new information and research that may be contrary to my former beliefs.

Three Daily Rituals That Stop Spouses from Taking Each Other for Granted – Peter McFadden

Holla – another wedding pic! And, guess who did her chin-ups leading up to the big day?…;o)

Relationships are work. Nothing comes easy. And Lisa and I always try our best to be open and cognizant of our relationship and the epic journey we’ve had and will continue to have.

We have date night every Saturday night. We pick a restaurant in the city (Boston) and we go enjoy a lovely night of cheese, meat, libations, and carbs. It’s important to us and something we always look forward doing. It keeps things fresh. Like we’re still dating.

Sometimes when we’re out I can’t help but observe other couples who sit across from one another in a seemingly blank void of “thereness.” They’re both there, but not there. Or worse, both on their smart phones.

Anyways I came across this article and liked it. I actually sent it to Lisa who immediately knew the researchers named in the article (she’s a psychologist), and was elated I took the time to read it.

Even if you’re not married, and in a committed relationship, I’d encourage you to read it.

An Open Letter to CrossFit HQ – Dr. Adam Schulte

Like a moth to a flame I found myself watching a few minutes of the CrossFit Games last weekend. To not be impressed by the strength & endurance exhibited by the participants would be a lie.

I was impressed. I know I couldn’t do it.

But I wouldn’t want to.

To say the entire event was brutal would be an understatement. I “get” that that’s the point (to a degree), but to me, as a casual observer, it seemed more like a circus aiming to give the audience a shiny bright object to divert their attention every few minutes.

And, to be honest, after reading this article, the guys running the show come across as pretty nonchalant about things. Unfortunate.


Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold’s Functional Stability Training (all THREE modules) is on SALE at 20% off through the end of this week.

I was on-hand during the filming of all three (I even make a cameo, Spoiler Alert: shirtless, in the upper body module) and can say I still feel it’s one of the best resources out there on assessment and gaining a better understanding of “functional” anatomy.

If you’re a trainer, coach, or someone who likes to nerd out on scapulohumeral rhythm this will be right up your alley. And, I want to hang out with you.

Functional Stability Training

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