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I was invited onto the Legendary Life Podcast hosted by Ted Ryce recently.

It was an awesome experience and Ted is one of the greats when it comes to interviewing and producing a highly entertaining podcast.

But I can’t help but ask: Me? Legendary?

I can understand if I hit the winning home run in Game 7 of the World Series, or, I don’t know, somehow beat Jason Bourne in a fist-fight.

That’s legendary.

Then again, I did clean my cat’s litter box this morning and washed the dishes. Soooooooo, I’m pretty much Batman.

  • Kidding aside, I had a lot of fun recording this episode.  In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Why most people plateau in the gym 3
  • Ways to get faster results from your workouts
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake most guys make in the gym
  • High reps, low reps?
  • Which rep scheme is best?
  • The “train hard=>get hurt=>go to physical therapy” cycle
  • Why you should set a performance-based goal
  • Why effective workouts don’t have to be complicated
  • Most common mistakes personal trainers often make
  • Quality vs Quantity: Movement matters
  • Why strength is the foundation of your fitness
  • Why modern life sets you up for injury
  • How to deal with shoulder pain
  • How to workout with an injury
  • Why the skill of coaching is underrated

—> Listen to Legendary Life <—

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  • Candace

    Entertaining podcast! I didn’t know you started working at a commercial gym, now I will think twice about poo poo-ing them though I agree that the trainers are not so good and do stand there counting reps versus cueing and correcting. I workout at 24hr fitness. I completely agree about performance based goals and working out with a goal in mind. Makes working out more purposeful, methodical, and measurable for progress. Though I wanted to hear more about writing programs still was a great podcast! :)

    March 3, 2016 at 6:30 pm | Reply to this comment

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