Day 8: Goodbye Prague, Hello Oslo!

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Day 8: Goodbye Prague, Hello Olso!

Tony and I woke up and shot out of bed so we could pack up our bags, clean out the apartment, and head over to the airport. I had one last espresso from Bake Shop, and we both enjoyed our last bowl of Czech granola.

We have loved our apartment and are sad to say goodbye!

Sad Tony

Our driver arrived promptly at 10:00am and off we went.

Once we were all checked in and seated at our gate, Tony received a text message notifying him that unfortunately there would be nothing to eat or drink on what was supposed to be a lunch flight. Apparently, restaurant and hotel workers in Norway are currently on Strike… Uh oh.

I grabbed us a few overpriced sandwiches, and on the plane we went. I think there were two flight attendants, and basically they were present just to seat us, make sure we stayed seated, and then got us off the plane.

The weather is not good. Check it out:

Bad weather in Norway

Once in Norway, we got ourselves some train tickets, into the city we went!

Every screen was digital, every surface was clean and modern-looking, and every Norwegian was tall, blonde, and fluent in English. We stepped off the train and were immediately lost, but soon approached by a friendly Norwegian who put us back on the right track.

Tony and I promised one another that we would “pay it forward” when we’re back in Boston. The next time either one of us sees a lost tourist, we’re going to stop and help.

Via Tony’s credit card points, we’re staying at the Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz, which also happens to be the #1 Oslo hotel on TripAdvisor.

It’s beautiful, high-tech, and includes FREE breakfast AND dinner!

You may have heard, Oslo is a super expensive place. Basically a city on the opposite end of the spectrum from Prague.

And it shows.

Everything and everyone is modern and gorgeous.

We had a very nice dinner with cod, peas and potatoes, salad and the best bread we’ve ever had. The dinner room is in the sexy little lounge on the top floor of the hotel.

After dinner we met Dean and Lindsay for dessert. They’ve been chilling in Oslo for a few days now, and gave us some tips and suggestions. We turned in early before Day 1 of Tony’s workshop tomorrow.

Talk to you then!

Lisa (and Tony).

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