Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/17/20

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1. #Achillesgate2020 Update

I’m just past the seven-week mark in my rehab and I have to say…

…I’m crushing it.

I feel like if my Achilles had to fight Megatron it could give him a run for this money. I’ve been working with Dan Pope from Champion Physical Therapy & Performance in Waltham, MA and he’s been having me work on my gait the past few weeks attempting to put more weight into the forefoot of the affected side.

I’m still in the boot, but we did manage to take a wedge out last week.

And I think we’re gonna begin to experiment with some BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) shenanigans this week to help stave off any further atrophy of the calf muscle.


2. Oh, hey, have you checked out my new CORE @ Home platform yet?

It’s designed so that I can deliver workouts you can perform at home – pants optional – using minimal equipment.

You have two options:

1. Subscribe for FREE and receive one workout per week.

2. Subscribe for $29.00 and receive three workouts per week (in addition to special bonus content).

My hope is that it helps take the thinking out of things and keeps people more accountable to workout more consistently despite not having access to their normal gym.

For more information go HERE.





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30 Days of Spine Hygiene. . (Or shall I say “Spinegiene”?) . 👉 Day 2: Perform the Perfect Birddog. . The birddog exercise is a splendid drill for spine health and performance. Yet, it’s in the Top 3 of exercises that make my corneas want to jump out of their sockets when I observe many people perform it. . The idea is to brace the core so as to own neutral spine & to LIMIT movement through the lumbar area. . Yet, watch most people perform it and it rivals an epileptic seizure. . The hand shouldn’t elevate higher than shoulder height. Likewise, the foot shouldn’t elevate higher than the hips. The lower back should be LOCKED down. . Adding a @valslide is an easy way to keep people honest. More ROM does not make this exercise more effective. Performing it well does. . If you swipe I also included a few variations you can add to progress the exercise as well. . 1️⃣ Birddog w/ Lateral Band Distraction (courtesy of @meghancallaway ). . 2️⃣ Birddog Row (popularized by @dr.joelseedman_ahp ) . #30daysofspinehygiene #birddogexercise

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The New Hybrid Workout Plan – Bryan Krahn

COVID-19 has changed everything.

LOVED this perspective from Bryan on what the “new normal” will likely be for most people as they begin to contemplate heading back to their big box gyms.

Lies Your Pilates Teacher Told Ya – Trish DaCosta

I’ve always appreciates Trish’s perspective on things and how she’s able to keep a level head on often controversial topics. I also appreciate she actually lifts weights…;o)

The Exercise That Was Condemned By Everybody – TC Luoma

HA – raises hand.

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  • Mary M

    I am a no body, but your information is amazing to me. You parallel with physical therapists, you are open minded and willing to change your mind when data changes etc. you are not so egotistical that you the "only way or the wrong way". I love your information and appreciate your and Lisa's enthusiasm for educating the rest of us. Good luck with the BFR. I live is a tiny community with a Physical Therapy clinic that does cutting edge "stuff". You are going to recover like the shining star you are. (signed 2 TKA knees and 1 total hip)

    July 19, 2020 at 11:56 am | Reply to this comment

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