The Nutrition and Supplement Police

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There are shady characters in every industry, but it’s seemingly within the nutrition and supplement industry where the shadiest of shady characters reside.

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The Nutrition & Supplement “Police”

How else to explain an industry where (celebrity) doctors cut their ties to integrity and shill the miraculous fat loss properties of Raspberry ketones?

Or where some of the product descriptions on the backside of a bottle or package resemble that of a science-fiction movie?

Like this one for example:

“The World’s strongest vaso-anabolic psychoactive experience. Our secret cellular volumizing formula is patented to nanomolecularize your vascular expanders.”

For those scratching their heads, in supplement speak, I’m pretty sure “nanomolecularize” means you’ll cause an earthquake when you flex your pecs.

Or you suddenly gain the ability to fly.

I don’t know, something will happen.

Whatever the case may be, now, more than ever, with all the varying pills, powders, and diets being “sold” to us as the next great thing, we need someone we can trust to cut through the BS and help filter through the phony facade.

We need someone to serve as the “shadiness police.”

My friends at have just launched their new and vastly updated Examine.2.0. They’ve built an amazing resource; one that’s hands-down THE most extensive, thorough, and UN-BIASED tool at our disposal as fitness/health professionals (or people who are generally more curious and proactive with their health information).

They stick to their lane – cute kitty pictures analyzing research information – and that’s it.

  • No fluff
  • No opinions
  • No up-sells
  • No BS

If one of my clients or athletes walks in and asks about Keto, creatine, vitamin D, caffeine, or whether or not Deer Antler Root dipped in Unicorn tears harvested from a remote mountain range in Minas Tirith is worth trying…I can usually provide a competent, well-informed answer.

However, if I ever get stumped – which definitely happens – I can gather all the information I’d ever need from Examine 2.0.

And I know it’ll be the most recent, relevant, and scientifically peer-reviewed information out there.

What’s more, they include monthly updates and they also provide CEUs for American RDs, NASM, as well as the NSCA.

Starting today (through 8/25) you can take advantage of their re-launch sale:

  • Monthly Membership – usually $29/month will be $19/month
  • Yearly Membership – usually $199/year will be $144/year

Check it out HERE.

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  • Trevor Dougan

    Awesome thanks for the resource! I generally have to weed through Informed Choice, NSF, and USP to try and see how supplements are holding up. It's such a pain in the ass that supplements aren't regulated so you never know if any of it is worth it's weight in powder. And supplement questions are almost always the most popular ones I tend to get. And usually if it's a brand new supplement I usually tell my clients just to wait on it and see how it does on the market. Anyway, thanks again.

    March 16, 2016 at 3:28 pm | Reply to this comment

  • Mitch Reed

    "If one of my clients or athletes walks in and asks my opinion on Paleo, creatine, vitamin D, caffeine, or whether or not Deer Antler Root dipped in Unicorn tears harvested from a remote mountain range in Ministereth is worth trying….I should be able to answer them to the best of my ability." I literally laughed out loud at length when I read that. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for the post. I actually didn't know about I'm not a fan of any supplements outside of protein and creatine but it's nice to have a resource to examine the ones that I am curious about. I'm not sure yet about taking probiotics unless your gut bacteria has just been destroyed by a course of overprescribed antibiotics, but gut bacteria are definitely something worth learning more about. Thanks Tony, -Mitch

    March 17, 2016 at 8:19 am | Reply to this comment

    • TonyGentilcore

      I was pretty proud of myself for that line.....;o) And, happy to know I was able to point you in the direction of I trust them implicitly. I think you'll feel the same Mitch.

      March 17, 2016 at 8:27 am | Reply to this comment

  • furkan

    Excellent, many thanks for the source! In order to attempt and determine how supplements are holding up, I typically have to weed through Informed Choice, NSF, and USP. Because supplements aren't regulated, it's impossible to determine whether any of them are worth their weight in powder. And the queries about supplements are usually invariably the ones I get the most of. And typically, if it's a new supplement, I advise my clients to wait and watch how it performs on the market. Anyway, thanks once more.

    December 22, 2022 at 1:55 am | Reply to this comment

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