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The Post Where I Slap the Wrist of a Deadlift Troll

As it happens I don’t get a ton of hate mail or “troll” activity that’s directed my way.  Part of that is because I generally – not always – steer clear of controversial topics (CrossFit, intermittent fasting, Jacob vs. Edward) that somehow always gets people’s panties all up in a bunch. On the other side… Read more

Shoulder Training Tips: 6 Coaches Weigh in on Shoulders

This one is short and sweet today. We’re on a very, very tight schedule (spa, tour of the Mets training complex, etc)) and I was warned by Lisa that if she caught me on my computer she’d either Sparta kick me in the chest or force me to listen to nothing but Katy Perry on… Read more

Bench Press Technique: Why the Hand-Off is Kind of a Big Deal

I know I’m a bit of an anomaly in saying this, especially considering I make my living as a strength coach and fitness writer, and you know, I’m a dude, but here it goes:  I really, really dislike bench pressing. Not that I think it’s a bad or dangerous exercises or anything. On the contrary… Read more

Squat Technique: Maintaining “Tightness” and Why It’s Important

Some of you may recall a video blog I filmed a few weeks ago where I discussed the importance of paying closer attention to the set up with regards to squatting. It’s a component that I feel many people glaze over, and something that deserves a little more love. Unfortunately, many approach squatting – especially… Read more