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The Art of Distraction

You ever head to the gym, get there, and then all you want to do is leave? No matter how hard you try you just can’t muster the mojo to get going and preserver through a training session. I had one of those days yesterday, actually. I stayed and swallowed a somewhat decent session down,… Read more

Top 4 Mistakes Beginners Make When Starting a Fitness Program. And How to Fix Them

I’m stuck in the midst of an avalanche of entrepreneurial shenanigans this week, so apologies for the lack of content on my end. I do, however, have a first-class guest post from regular contributor, Shane McLean today discussing some common mistakes many beginners make in pursuing their health/fitness goals. But unlike a lot of… Read more

My Half-Hearted Attempt at Helping You Succeed With Your Health and Fitness Resolutions in 2020

It’s a new year. Nay, a new decade. And with it comes the inevitable avalanche of fitness professionals giving advice on how to make your New Year’s Resolutions “stick.” This isn’t quite one of those posts. Meh Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great many people use this time of year to renew their… Read more

The Lost Art of Adult Play

I’m currently in the Barossa Valley with my wife. There’s not a chance in hell I’m writing a blog post this week. Thankfully regular contributor, Shane McLean, was a champion and took it upon himself to pinch write for me. Thanks Shane! The Lost Art of (Adult) Play When you were a kid, (I… Read more

Achieving a Goal Versus Achieving Success: My Take

I’m currently reading Dan John’s latest opus, 40 Years With a Whistle: Life Lessons From the Field of Play. I enjoy Dan, and I really enjoy his writing. One chapter in particular – Chapter 8: Achieving a Goal versus Achieving Success – resonated with me, and I wanted to take today to pontificate, mirror, and… Read more

The Anti Highlight Reel

“Things are going to get interesting.” That was the message my coach, Greg Robins, relayed to me two weeks ago after our weekly program check in. I had just hit a new squat PR that week and he proceeded to congratulate me on a job well done and then followed suite with his “things are… Read more

You Want to Get Leaner. Here’s Why You Should Still Lift Heavy Things

With Avengers: End Game right around the corner it’s inevitable we’re going to be inundated with articles, interviews, and videos on how to get a Thor or Black Widow bod. Follow “x” routine, and you too can look like a superhero. To be fair: I have nothing against said routines. Pretty much anything will get… Read more

Porcelain Post: Fitness Marketing 101

NOTE: The term “Porcelain Post” was invented by Brian Patrick Murphy and Pete Dupuis. Without getting into the specifics, it describes a post that can be read in the same time it takes you to go #2. Huh, I guess that was more specific than I thought. Enjoy.   Fitness Marketing 101 The fitness industry is growing fast…. Read more