Cleaning Up the Turkish Get-Up: Stuff People Gloss Over Because They’re Too Cool

“What does this THING even do anyways?!” That’s pretty much the standard reaction/question I receive every time I have a client or athlete perform a Turkish get-up. Photo Credit: Kellie Hart Davis What’s the big deal anyways, right? You take a cannonball looking thingamajig, hold it in your hand, and stand up with it. La-dee-freakin-da…. Read more

The Key to Program Design. Diamonds?

I’m heading to my alma mater this weekend to take part in the 2nd Annual Strength & Conditioning/Personal Training Symposium at SUNY Cortland. I – along with my colleagues Nick Tumminello, Mark Fisher, John Gaglione, and Joy Victoria – will be speaking to undergrad and graduate students (in addition to the event being open to… Read more

Pause Your Lifts For Better Performance

I was teaching a workshop not long ago, and the topic of corrective exercise came up. It’s a term some fitness professionals live by, and often make their living bastardizing. It’s also a term that makes some fitness professionals – including myself – want to jump into a live volcano. All you have to do… Read more

Affiliate Marketing: Worse Than Ebola, Hitler and Gluten Combined

Let first state for the record that: 1. I generally avoid confrontation. In fact hate it. 2. I’ve long ago accepted that no one can make everyone happy, and that by choosing to make myself more of a public figure with my writing and speaking, that it opens up the flood gates to (more) people… Read more