Are You Part of the Resistance (or the Assistance)?

T-minus eight hours before Lisa and I hop on a plane and make our way to Australia and never come back. It’s a 20-hour long trip from Boston to Brisbane (where we land), and then a bit of a car ride to Ballina where I’ll be conducting the first of TWO workshops while there. One… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/3/15

Before I get into this week’s list I wanted to share with everyone a cool event coming up in the very near future that I’ve been invited to participate in. No, it’s not the NorthEast Regional Star Wars Geek Fest Extravaganza. But it is something just as nerdtastic…….. Movement and Motivation LAB Let my good… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Core Engaged Active Straight Leg Raise

Many people are familiar with the active straight leg raise. For those who aren’t, it’s exactly as it sounds. You know how when you look at someone’s last name, it’s spelled weird, and in your head you’re all like “nope, not even going to try to pronounce that,” and then the person looks at you… Read more

13 Ways to Transmogrify Any Exercise

I’ve been lucky to have so many people offering to write stellar content for me lately. Today I have a post by none other than Jon Goodman; friend, colleague, best selling author (Ignite the Fire), and pretty much the Don Corleone of personal training information. He won’t leave severed horse heads in your bed, but… Read more