Kettlebell Swing: How to Cue the Hinge and Never Perform a Squat Swing Again

There’s just some things in life you don’t do. 1. You don’t punch kittens in the face. That’s just common sense (and really cruel). 2. Guys: you don’t not pay for the first date. And ladies: the fake purse grab at the end of dinner makes us guys feel good, and we appreciate the sentiment;… Read more

But Can You Move Your Body?

I hate Max Shank. He’s a phenomenal strength coach with a unique perspective and approach that I admire. He’s also a lovely human being. But I still hate him. Why?  Because I’m not him. He can do cool stuff like deadlift 315 (for reps)….on one leg. He can do handstands, backflips, L-sits, overhead press a… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/12/14

In cased you missed it, yesterday I pretty much melted the internet’s face (Indiana Jones evil Nazi style) with a post on how to improve hip internal range of motion without using traditional stretching. The crucial message was to remember it’s important to understand that the body is going to induce “protective tension” when it… Read more

Stretch the Tight?

I started with a new client yesterday. As is the case every time I work with someone new I’ll sit down with him or her (in this case her) and attempt to get all the pertinent information I’ll need to help them achieve their goals and to write an effective training program. Things like injury… Read more