5 Ways I Include Single Leg Training In My Programs

Single leg training isn’t sexy to talk, much less write about. In terms of excitement factor I’d rank it somewhere between a watching a NASCAR race and picking lint out of your belly button. I can understand the cacophony of subsequent eye rolls and yawns that are being directed my way. “An article on single… Read more

The Bar Every Gym Should Have: Safety Squat Bar

When Dean Somerset & I created the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint and the (Even More) Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint (both currently on sale for the next 72 hours at 40% off their regular price…wink wink, nudge nudge) our goal was to provide a resource for people to better connect the dots between assessment… Read more

All My Stuff Is On Sale This Week

Just so we’re clear, by “all of my stuff is on sale,” I don’t mean my stuff stuff. My furniture, appliances, car, vintage t-shirts, and movie quality Chewbacca masks are off limits. No, what I am actually referring to are my digital continuing education resources: Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint  (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/13/21

STUFF TO CHECK OUT FIRST 1. Coaching Beyond Cues & Programming: Lecture and Movement Workshop Training Diverse Bodies & Identities – w/ Tony Gentilcore and Justice Williams NOTE: Please reach out to Justice Williams HERE to register. Sunday, Oct 3 | 1-4 PM EDT Ethos Fitness + Performance 46 Wareham St. Unit 1A Boston, MA… Read more

Announcing the Inside the Coach’s Mind Workshop: Boston

I’ve long stated that the largest “gap” in knowledge for most fit pros isn’t the area of program design or the “x’s” and “o’s” of how to improve scapular upward rotation. It’s the soft skills of coaching. I.e., what’s going on in your head. Inside the Coach’s Mind In more sage words… …what’s really lacking… Read more

Lifting Heavy Things Prepares You For Life’s Dumpster Fires

Last week was something. Anyone familiar with Boston knows that the two-day window of Aug 31st-Sept 1st is a crazy shit show of shit where thousands of people and thousands of moving trucks play musical chairs within the streets. There’s really no other way to express how much it stinks; especially if you’re someone who’s… Read more

The Hard Truth About Back Pain

Happy Labor Day to my American readers. Happy Monday to everyone else…;o) Today’s guest post comes courtesy of TG.com regular, Shane McLean. Most will be able to commiserate because it deals with an annoying topic most of us are very familiar with: Cross-Fitters low-back pain. We can seemingly do everything perfectly – lift with impeccable… Read more

COACHED: Raise the Bar Conference 👈 Epic Speaking Line-Up

Announcing the COACHED: Raise the Bar Conference I’ve got some exciting news to share. Word on the street is that George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) is going to write & direct a romantic comedy as his next project in Hollywood. Just kidding. No one wants that. Can you imagine that? I think a toaster oven could… Read more