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Math For Gym Bros: How to Set Up Calories For a Mass Gaining Phase

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of United Kingdom based strength & nutrition coach, Harry Archer. Harry wrote a popular article for the site a few weeks ago titled Why Tony’s Pecs Can Cut Diamonds Why Gym Bros Should Periodize Their Nutrition that you can check out HERE. He’s back with another edition of “Gym Bros… Read more

The One Simple Trick that Can Change Your Eating Habits, Improve Your Food Choices, and Help You Lose Weight and Feel Your Best. No, Really!

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Minneapolis based nutrition coach, Megan Schall.  Megan contributed a guest post to the site a few weeks ago that ended up being very popular, and today she’s back with another gem that I feel can help a lot of people. Nutrition can be a highly confusing and convoluted topic… Read more

Why Gym Bros Should Periodize Their Nutrition

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of United Kingdom based strength & nutrition coach, Harry Archer.  He took my subtle hint from a few weeks ago when I made note of the dearth of nutrition content on my site and how I tend to not touch it with a ten-foot pole.  Not because I don’t know… Read more

Calorie Cycling Strategies For Fat Loss

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Nevada based strength & conditioning coach, Travis Hansen.  Travis has contributed several articles to this site in years past and he always impresses me with his diversity in knowledge. (FYI: His ebook, The Complete Speed Encyclopedia, is one of the best resources on the topic I’ve ever read.) NOTE:… Read more

The Top 2 Mistakes Trainers Make With Nutrition and Recovery and How to Fix Them

It’s one thing to get a client on board with lifting heavy things on a somewhat regular basis and how it can have positive effects on their overall health and well-being. It’s another thing altogether to get them to commit to the nutrition & recovery side of the equation and how that too plays a… Read more

6 Nutrition Tips to Follow When You Don’t Want to Count Calories

There are many things I’d rather do than spend my days meticulously counting calories. I understand its importance given certain individual’s goals. Whether it’s to shed “x” pounds of fat or maybe for health related reasons, counting calories is often a necessity for some people. That said, speaking personally, and in no specific order, I’d… Read more

Why You Can’t Out Train a Poor Diet: A Simple Explanation

Intro From TG: Anyone who’s read Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why will understand the significance and power behind the word “WHY.” Before you can get at the crux of the HOW of any situation or goal (I.e., how can Tony better remember to not leave dirty dishes in the sink every night?) you need… Read more

Does Vegan Nutrition Make You a Better Athlete?

Humans are very tribal, and especially so when it comes to their nutritional preferences: Paleo vs. Keto vs. Vegan vs. Jets vs. Sharks vs. Decepticons. It’s crazy out there. In lieu of the release of his new book, Athletic Nutrition 101, regular contributor, Travis Hansen, sent me this fantastic blog post the other day… Read more