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Appearance on The Alexandra Show

The obvious question: “Who the heck is Alexandra?” A: She’s actually a long-time client of mine and one of Boston’s go to (and best) hair stylists. The second obvious question: A: “What the heck do a hair stylist and a strength coach chat about on a podcast?” Well, It’s Not Top 3 Hair Conditioners For… Read more

The Art of Session Delivery

I was recently invited back onto the Lift the Bar Podcast hosted by Stuart Aitken, and I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with him and to delve a bit deeper into how I “assess” my clients as well as how I to go about delivering a quality training session. I also explain what I… Read more

Appearance on the More Train Less Pain Podcast

I’m often asked if I’d ever think about starting my own podcast. My answer generally ranges from “I’d rather jump into a live volcano” to “no.” Why? 1. Time. Between a brick and mortar business, workshops, travel, writing responsibilities, and a wife & kid I’d like to hang out with on occasion I simply don’t… Read more

Appearance on the Pain Free Performance Podcast

That Time I Attended a LIVE Fitness Workshop in 2020 Back in September my good friend David Otey was in town to teach the Pain Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) at AMP Fitness here in the heart of Boston. Outside of the three workshops I got to teach earlier this year in Europe before 2020 turned… Read more

Appearance on The Performance Hub Podcast

Episode 4: You’re Not Broken, Find Your Trainable Menu I had the pleasure of being invited onto the brand spankin new Performance Hub Podcast hosted by Max Gedge and Coach Karl. These two guys had the lovely timing of opening up a gym in Melbourne, Australia right as COVID-19 was turning all our lives into… Read more

Appearance on the Muscles and Management Podcast

Muscles & Management Podcast w/ Gerry DeFilippo It’s funny: During Gerry’s introduction to this episode he mentioned how when he and I first started stalking one another connected on social media he was a little giddy that I reached out first to say how much I enjoyed his content. It meant a lot to him… Read more

Two More Podcast Appearances: Lift Free and Diet Hard AND Total Fitheads

Two questions I’m often asked: 1️⃣ “Tony, how is it your pecs can cut diamonds?” ANSWER: Equal parts I picked the right parents, never missing a universal bench day (every Monday) through the 90’s, and lastly…watching and rewinding incessantly the “Arnie gets tooled up” montage from the movie Commando. Pecs by proxy. 2️⃣ “Tony, why… Read more

Appearance on the Strength Chat Podcast

First Things First Anyone else start watching Cobra Kai on Netflix this past weekend? Man, what a delightful piece of nostalgia that was/is. I’m only two episodes in, but all it took was 20 seconds for me to have the widest smile on my face I could possibly have. My wife wanted nothing to do… Read more